It’s Trip DAY!!!!

It was trip today and all our kids had the best day.

Cherokee spent their day at Camel Beach Water Park and loved every minute of their incredible day. They swirled around the Voretx, raced each other down the Checkered Flag Challenge and relaxed as they coasted along the Lazy River. It was a perfect day at the park. As the busses rolled back into camp, each camper walked off half sleeping still smiling from the day they just had. There were so many octopus hats, and bags full of goodies they got from the Park and as one camper so eloquently told me, “This was the best day I have ever had…ever.” It was straight to shower and bed and our youngest campers were sleeping within 30 minutes back from their exciting day out. Our little ones played hard and now they are sleeping peacefully. It have never been this quiet this time of night for our Cherokee cuties!!

Mohichan Campers spent their day at the State Park chilling out, swimming in the lake, listening to music, tossing a ball and just relaxing in the sun. Then after some fun in the sun it was off to the movies for a summer blockbuster –  Incredibles 2 or Ant-Man & The Wasp. It was a perfect summer day for our Mohican kids. Sun, swim, pizza, popcorn, movies and friends. Can’t get better than that!

Navajo had their incredible day at Dorney Park. What says summer more than spending it with friends at an amusement park? Going on roller coasters, eating churros, playing arcade games, winning giant over sized stuffed animals, getting your caricature portrait done and laughing all day long is what our oldest kids did on their trip day.

Our CIT’s spent their day at Ithaca at the beautiful Georges. They dipped in the waterfalls and was surrounded by natural beauty. Of course there were many photo ops there and that was just their morning. The town of Ithaca had quant shops and fun dining. After they shopped and soaked in the sun it was off to Binghamton for a night movie. It is great to be a Chenny CIT!!!!!

Everyone is back home and exhausted and sound asleep. Camp has never been this quiet. There is nothing like leaving camp and having the best day but the feeling of coming back to camp, taking a shower and crawling into bed is unlike any other. No stress here, just incredible fun times spent at awesome places with great people!!!

Chenny out