It’s Cool To Be Kind

The highlight of our day was our night as we restarted a new tradition with Awards at the Amphitheater. After being here for one week, we have some amazing campers that have shined bright and it’s their turn to be recognized for being outstanding. We wanted to bring the entire camp together for this new Chenny tradition as we honor our Campers of the Week and our Kind Campers. The atmosphere was electric with sing-a-longs and dance parties galore even before the night started. To be named Camper of the Week is an honor that anyone who receives this award should feel deep pride from their toes to their nose. As every name was called, you can hear the chants and cheers from bunk mates and counselors, celebrating their friends who received this amazing honor. Campers of the week are selected by their Division Heads who look for a well rounded, helpful, kind, positive, inclusive camper who participates and inspires those around them. A huge congratulations to our Week 1 Campers of the Week.
Boys Side:

Freshmen: Jake Kornblau

Juniors: Jax Schrager

Middies: Nathan Menkin & Jack Menkin

Inters: Lucas Pillersdorf
Collegiates: Tucker Friedman
Seniors: Alex Michaels
Supers: Elan Harel
GCs: Jacob Santiago
CITs: Greg Michaels
Girls Side:
Freshman: Hannah Zambuto
Juniors: Sadie Feldman
Middies: Arya Haaf and Skylar Woods
Inters: Gabby Harel
Collegiates: Jamie Eber
Seniors: Noa Dagan
Supers: Lindsay Gelfman
GCs: Kate Holland
CITs: Jordyn Fersko
To be a Kind Camper is to be selfless and thoughtful, to have empathy and compassion for those around you. It is to be kind to others with no anticipation of anything in return. At Chenny, our Kind Campers are nominated, not by staff but by their peers. That makes this award so incredibly special as being nominated means they made their friends feel good and there is just no better compliment than that. It costs nothing to be kind and the payback is immense. We know you at home who find their children’s name, in the list below will feel a sense of pride and you should. You have kind children and our community is so lucky have them as they are making a difference spreading kindness all throughout camp. Congratulations to all our Kind kids!!
Girls Side:
Charli McClure
Audrey Levenberg
Natalie Schwartz
Fiona Baldinger
Maddy Klatsky
Maddy Rosen
Noa Kupershmidt
Emmy Bloom
Simone Singer
Annabelle Zigler
Spencer Kissen
Jaden Bugni
Boys Side:
Aiden Pillersdorf
Blake Purcell
Cody Goodman
Tyler Roth
Zach Adler
Landon Schlanger
Alex Lindenbaum
Brody Scharaga
Chris Luisi
Chase Harz
Our campers had a busy day playing sports and having fun. Just another day in our favorite place, doing our favorite things and having a ball.
Middy Girls Basketball – Chen-A-Wanda 22 @ Westmont 20 (win)
Senior/Super Girls LAX – Chen-A-Wanda 3 @ Westmont 11 ( loss)
Senior Girls Soccer – Chen-A-Wanda 11 vs. Wayne 3 (win)
Super Girls Basketball – Chen-A-Wanda 21 vs. Wayne 28 (loss)
Fr/Jr. Boys Hockey – CAW 4 @ Wayne 12 (loss)
Middy/Inter Boys LAX – CAW 9 vs. Wayne 12 (loss)
Senior Boys Baseball – CAW 8 vs. Wayne 1 (win)
Senior/Super Boys Hockey – CAW 15 @ Wayne 2 (win)
One week of success. One week of bringing new friends into our lives. One week of trying new things. One week of being totally free. One week down and six glorious weeks to go.