Friday Night Lights

When you think of sports and competition at home it tends to be cut throat and intense. There are endless hours of practice, upset feelings when our kids don’t make the travel team and stress the players feel when they hear parents an onlookers coach them from the sidelines. It couldn’t be more opposite here. There is competition yes but the entire focus on playing sports at camp is all about the joy of playing, nothing more nothing less. When you think about our kids playing a sport just for the joy of playing, it makes sense and it can inspire them rather than deflate them. Today we hosted Camp Westmont for the first games of our summer season. Our kids played great and had a ball, they actually won every single game they played. But that wasn’t the story of the day. The Inter Boys were playing baseball and for the most part, Chenny was trailing until that last play as one of our kids hit a 2 run home-run to win the game for us.  Chenny kids were going crazy with excitement as boys were running the bases and coming into home plate . The pitcher for Camp Westmont broke down and was visibly distraught. You could see how he felt responsible for giving up those 2 runs that gave Chenny the win. He had a very tough moment and our kids noticed he was struggling. Everybody there could see his struggle. Their coach wasn’t having any luck helping this kid who was breaking down but our kids, our team noticed and a handful of the boys walked over to him and said, ” It’s all good, you pitched a great game.”  One camper said, “your team is really good. I hope we can play you again this summer.” Our boys celebrated the win but were able to help someone out that needed it with a few words of encouragement. I was so glad to be there and to see that moment. The win was great but seeing our kids with incredible character was everything!!!

Middy Boys Tennis – Chen-A-Wanda vs. Westmont 3-2 win
Inter Boys Baseball –  Chen-A-Wanda vs. Westmont 6-5 win
Senior Boys Basketball – Chen-A-Wanda vs. Westmont 35-34 win
Super Boys Soccer – Chen-A-Wanda vs. Westmont 7-1 win

Powder Puff is a camper favorite evening activity and tonight didn’t disappoint.  Friday Night Lights came to life tonight at Chenny and it was an incredible game to watch. Girls side was feeling fierce, powerful, strong and ready as our GC ‘s and CIT’s played an intense game of flag football.  CIT’s were dressed in all black and GC’s in all white. The boys in each division were the cheerleaders and they got the crowd on their feet. It was a great night of flag football and we all had a fantastic time outside under the lights. The competition was intense and each team brought it tonight. . There were great plays, interceptions, long passes and incredible defense. The kids had a ball watching the girls on the grid iron. CIT’s brought home the victory with a 9-7 win. After the whistle blew and the game ended, every camper rushed the filed in celebration for the CITS and their last play of the game that brought them the W. A huge congratulations to Brooke Gordon, tonight’s MVP who dominated and helped bring home the win for our CIT’s.

Feeling pretty lucky that we get to do another incredible day at Camp Chen-A-Wanda, tomorrow!!!!!