It All Came Down To Sing!

Talk about twists and turns and lead changes by the minute. This Olympics was beyond unexpected and who was leading in the morning dropped by lunch. There was so much movement with the leader board, we couldn’t keep up and the anticipation was just so much. Olympics is tradition and it is something that campers did here decades ago and still do today. Traditions are what connects us all to this place and to one another. Camp traditions are bigger than each of us but has become the thread to our shared experiences here. To go through an Olympics together bonds us to one another. For the past 3 days, every camper dug deep and gave it their all to contribute for a win for their team. New friendships were made and connections deepened. To think that a kickball game or a waterpolo match brings so many people closer together is why we love Olympics.

The Olympic games ended as all three teams presented their songs, banner and plaque inside Shields Hall. Each team presented their Cheer, March and their Alma Mater and the words of Gold Australia said it so beautifully in their Alma Mater…. ” Can’t believe there’s only 4 weeks left to go. Wishing that we could rewind and that time would move slow. Just can’t imagine what my life was without you and when we split apart I don’t know what I will do.”  These words are from the heart and everyone feels it. It is why this experience means so much to us all. When you let camp in, it overtakes your heart and changes who you are.

Now it was in the hands of judges as the decision of who would win Olympics 2019 was about to be announced. Shields Hall was packed with our campers dressed head to toe in their team colors waiting on bated breath and all at the edge of their seats. The time had come and the judges raced on scooters to a photo finish as Blue crossed the finish line. It was Blue Argentina who took the Gold tonight!!! This was one close race.

Final Scores:

  • Blue Argentina – 2026
  • Gold Australia – 1991
  • Red Norway – 1858

What we learned from these games were that we all played hard, respected the game, supported each other and believed that in the end it wasn’t just about getting the win but being there for one another. Two and half days ago, we began as Red Norway, Gold Australia and Blue Argentina and tonight we are back to One Camp Family.

Chenny out.