Happy Birthday To Us

At 7:45am, your kids were woken up to the bugles playing throughout camp and for the next 49 days they will hear Director Brian Leahy call out, “Goooooooood Mooooooooorning Camp Chen-A-Wanda. There is truly no better way to wake up than to hear that announcement. Brian always follows his morning greeting¬† with a trivia question and the kids who know the answer run to headquarters and whoever gets to Brian first with the correct answer wins a free canteen ticket. Todays question was “name the current #1 Top 100 Billboard song”. Middie camper Noah Kepke was the first to make it to headquarters with the correct answer of Old Town Road. Congratulations to Noah. As soon as Brian announces the question, the race to headquarters is on. What an amazing way to start your day.

The afternoon was spent in activities as Arts & Crafts was full of campers working on their bunk plaques, the fields were packed with campers playing games, the Cookhouse had campers making fresh salsa and nachos, Chenny Tech blew our kids minds as they are learning a program to build just about anything in our 3D printer.¬† Dinner was a blast with a sing-a-long session that could blow the roof off the building. Singing in unison all together in the Lodge is one of the greatest experiences we all have together. From Build Me Up Buttercup to Don’t Stop Believin’ followed by Sweet Caroline, we sang our hearts out tonight. Throughout the day, we are all doing different activities and having different experiences but when all eat together and sing the same songs, it unites us and creates connections that just feel so good inside. The Lodge has a personality of its own and we are so lucky to get to experience this three times a day.

This year marks the 80th birthday of Camp Chen-A-Wanda and we partied hard tonight. There were cupcakes to be decorated, and giant twister to be played. We played old time trivia and had a dance party that had everyone on the dance floor. The evening ended with each division making a wish with a Chinese lantern and sending it up in the air. It was so beautiful to watch all the lanterns light up the sky and fly so high they could reach the stars. It was a spectacular night and a birthday party nobody will forget. 80 has never looked this good!!

Chenny out.