You know those days that everything just makes sense and feels so right? The ones that are notably close to perfect. The weather set the the tone – not too hot, not too cold and only can be described as just right.¬† Today, there was a feeling on camp. A feeling of calm. A feeling of being relaxed. A feeling of being at home.¬† Maybe it was a combination of starting week 5 and everyone is completely and totally in their groove here or the fact that we all have developed a feeling of confidence and security in this camp family we have built together or maybe it’s both. Whatever the reason, today was magical.

Fiddle Lake looked like a postcard with a glistening glow that just was so peaceful today. I spent some time on the beach today and had the absolute pleasure of watching a few junior boys build the coolest sand castle . I was watching these campers work together as they each had a purpose in their sand creation. One was making a mote, as the other kept bringing water up from the lake while one was building the castle. These boys were having the best time together making sand castles¬† and I couldn’t help but think that were no devices present, no screens or need to plug anything in. They had buckets, shovels, their imagination and friends. That is all they needed. That is why these friendships are so meaningful and connections are so strong. Time is spent together, face to face. Nothing to hide behind, that keeps us separate. The castle they created was incredible but watching these boys hang out, build and bond together was the true work of art.

Girls Side Sports:

Freshman/Junior Basketball Championship – CAW 18 vs. Wayne 4 – Chenny WINS CHAMPIONSHIP

Middy Softball – CAW 5 vs. Tyler Hill 6

Inter Basketball (Gold Team) – CAW 22 @ Westmont 26

Senior Basketball – CAW 26 @ Wayne 16

Boys Side Sports:

Collegiate Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Wayne 2 – CAW looses in PK

Halloween in July!!! What a blast we had tonight and the costumes were AAAmmmaaazzzing. Truly incredible. The campers went all out and so did the staff. There wasn’t one person on campus who didn’t get dress up and celebrate our awesome camp Halloween and that is why Chenny’s spirit is inside everyone here. It’s just what we do up here. We started with our costume walk and that was electric. Each bunk got to show off their costumes and the fun they had, walking with their bunkmates down the cat walk. What a great night it was and it didn’t end there. It was time to Trick or Treat and each group went station to station, filling their bag with candy and chips. In true Chenny tradition, the Senior girls made a haunted scare mansion that spooked and creeped out everyone who dared to enter. The night was a perfect continuation of our amazing day. Great vibes all around.

Our CITS are on their last leg of their incredible trip of a lifetime as they relax in Phoenix and recover from a crazy busy week traveling out West. Supers are en route to Boston for their next adventure. It just keeps getting better. Life is so Great at Camp Chen A Wanda.