Friday Night Lights

It has been 10 days since we arrived here at Chenny and it feels like we have always been here. There is a comfort, a familiarity, a sense of home and it’s only been 10 days. Crazy how much happens in a day and times that by 10 and you get a bond between every single one of us here at CAW.  This summer has started out with so much positivity, so much incredible energy, tons of kindness and an overall vibe of complete happiness to be here. You can feel it and it is real is as real is. When you see kids skipping to breakfast, holding hands, feeling totally comfortable sitting on the shoulders of their counselors, laying in laps of their friends at line up, getting form one activity to the next from piggy back rides, you know the feeling is just pure comfort and a feeling of being home. And we all just got here only 10 days ago. It happens quick and it lasts all summer long. Living in nature and literally breathing in the beauty of where we are never gets old.

Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you happiness and bad days give you experience…… by Unknown

Collegiate Girls Tennis – CAW 4 @ Poyntelle 1

Collegiate Boys Softball  – CAW 16 @ Westmont 10

Senior Boys Soccer – CAW 2 @ Westmont 7
GC/CIT Boys Soccer  – CAW 4  @ Starlight 3

Are you ready for some football? Tonight’s Powder Puff game was epic. It was a fierce battle between our GC’s and CIT’s girls. GC’s were dressed head-to-toe in white and the CIT’s sported all black. They were playing for bragging rights and the stakes were high. Our girls were serious with faces painted and a determination to bring it tonight and of course the guys provided the spirit. They cheered on the girls and the watching crowd. This was our Super Bowl and the kids loved it. There were t-shirts, hats, tons of Chenny swag tossed out throughout the game. After each quarter, there was an impromptu dance party and of course everyone was getting in the groove. The entertainment was not just on the field, it was in the stands and every camper was part of the fun. Nights like these makes you smile from the inside out. You know it was an insane night as the entire camp was dancing down the hill back to their bunks after the game. Our CIT’s pulled out the “W” with a  13-0 victory but we were all the winners with an epic summer night!

Chenny out.