Face the Fear

A Middy girl camp up to me at breakfast and said, “Today is the day I am going to face my fears.” to which I replied “That is fantastic, tell me how.” She then began to tell me how today was the day she was ready to finally try the trapeze. This was her goal. This was her fear. This was her challenge and she was ready. Her two friends were by her side and they were all smiles and couldn’t wait for their friend to climb that giant ladder and take the leap. I told her when she was ready to have the circus staff get me because I wanted to watch her fly. The call came and I ran up to the trapeze. That middy girl climbed that ladder and halfway through you could see her fear. She just couldn’t do it. Her friends were the most encouraging, supportive kids that were doing everything in their power to tell her the she can do it. This camper was caught in between two worlds; wanting to do something so badly and having so much fear that it literally keeps you from doing what you want to do. Her friends put their arms around her and told her that its ok and they know she will do it soon. It was like a burst of courage over took her and she quickly asked to go up and try again. They put the belt on her and up she went. This time, she went up to the top and there was just no stopping her. She was close and we all knew this was it. She was about to take a leap of faith and her cheering squad below was giving her that boost she so desperately needed. She grabbed that bar, closed her eyes and stepped off and started to fly. There are moments at this place that I sit in awe of and this was one of those moments. I watched this camper doubt herself and then I watched this camper look fear in the face and tell it, not today.


Inter Soccer – CAW 4 vs Poyntelle 5


Junior/Middy/Inter Hockey Lokanda Cup – CAW 0 vs Lokanda 8/ CAW 0 vs. Wayne 10

Super Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Starlight 5

It was a Round Robin night at CAW and each group had a fantastic evening activity. The weather was perfect and everyone was outside. An absolutely perfect summer night. Freshman, Juniors and Middies enjoyed an outdoor flick of the latest Diary of a Whimpy Kid. Under the stars, watching a great summer blockbuster was ideal for our youngest campers. Inter Boys and Girl spent their night running Quest which is an all camp scavenger hunt. They ran up, down and all around.  Senior Boys were on the major league field and it was Record Book for them. They were trying for the longest hit, farthest jump, fastest throw etc.. It was a record breaking night for our Seniors boys. Senior Girls enjoyed a movie in the Chen-A-Plex and loved it. Super Boys and Girls  were together at the tennis courts and played Water Games and Tailgated. It was a fun chilled out evening for our Supers. CIT Girls had a ball at  Knockerball while the CIT boys played an intense game of Manhunt.

Our GC’s are thriving in LA and so enjoyed their day in Santa Monica and time at the beach. It was a gorgeous day for our traveling GC’s and they consensus is, they ALL LOVE LA!

Another phenomenal day spent with great people, doing great things at the greatest place. This is why we say LIFE IS GREAT at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.