Days Like This

Tonights Blog had to be called Days Like This… Because the world would be a happier place if everyone had days like this.  Its hard not to be completely fulfilled when you start your day eating breakfast overlooking the most beautiful peaceful lake with all the glass doors wide open and you can feel that morning breeze. Then it’s off to play activities, maybe a baseball game or a biddy basketball tournament or just flying on the trapeze.. You find yourself making a friendship bracelet in Arts and Crafts or building the most awesome tower at Lego. Then you and your friends head out to a few more awesome fun activities like playing hard at the Ninja Warrior Course or sliding down the Chenny Zoom slip and slide. You have worked up quite a sweat so a nice jump in the lake and playing in the aqua park is exactly what you want. You enjoy an afternoon snack and then wrap up your day with one last fun activity to do as you make chicken fried rice at the Chenny Shack.  It’s time to shower and after that you head back into the Lodge for some incredibly delicious pizza. Just when you thought your day couldn’t get any better, it’s off to your evening activity for some serious laughs and great times. This is the day your children had. This is why we have happy campers – because they have days like this.

Girls Side Sports:

Collegiate Soccer – CAW 9 vs. Wayne 5

Collegiate Tennis – CAW 2 @ Starlight 3

Boys Side Sports:

Freshman Soccer Tournament at Starlight – CAW 6 vs. Wayne 2 / CAW 9 vs. Startlight 1

Middy Hockey – CAW 15 vs. Westmont 0

Collegiate Basketball – CAW 55 vs. Starlight 51

Do You Know Your Counselors? This was tonights evening activity and it was so much fun. Girls bunk O was the winner tonight as they most definitely knew their counselor and answered every question correctly. It was a blast to see the campers know their counselors favorite food, pets name, where they grew up etc… Our campers always bring the fun to whatever we do and tonight was just a blast. Shields Hall was packed tonight with campers screaming out answers about their counselors who they adore and love. It’s how we get so close to everyone here. We all now know that Abby from Perth, Scotland has a dog named Mini. Just a great night here at Chenny that everyone enjoyed.

Our CITs came back from their Hershey Park overnight trip happy and exhausted. The GC’s loved their day in Cali spent at Universal Studios and shopping at the Grove and Farmers Market. The campers ran into a few Tik Tokers along the way, which felt very LA and even got some selfies. They are loving their trip of a lifetime and we couldn’t be happier for the experience they are having.