CIT SWEEP Sign & Song

The sun was out in full force today and you could feel the excitement. Every area of camp was full of happy campers. From ATV’s to gaga and everything in between was full of campers who had smiles on their faces and a sense of appreciation to be outside all day long playing with their friends. We have been here for a week and everyone has settled into their routine. Waking up to bugles and heading into the Lodge for breakfast in our jammies is what we do and feels like we’ve been doing this together for a lot longer than 7 days. The day was as close to perfect as perfect can get. When we see our campers engaged, happy, connected and at ease, there is nothing that fills a parents heart more than that. We hope that the pictures and videos tell that story, that your children are engaged, happy, connected, at ease and feeling free.

Don’t Worry About Failures, Worry About The Chances You Will Miss When You Don’t Even Try… By Anonymous

Collegiate Girls Soccer – CAW 6 Vs. Lohikan
Senior Girls Softball – CAW 0 vs. Starlight 10
Middy Boys Basketball – CAW 29 @ Wayne  31

Middy/Inter Boys Hockey CAW 8 vs. Westmont 4
Collegiate Boys Basketball  – CAW 37  @ Westmont 41
Super Boys Soccer – CAW 2 @ Wayne 1 (Win in Overtime )

The night belonged to our long-standing Chenny tradition, Sign & Song. This is where each bunk creates a plaque with every name of every camper and counselor living in that bunk which will be hung there for the rest of time. In every bunk there are plaques that date back decades and gives us a window to what it was like back then and it mirrors what will be for kids coming through Chenny now. Some things change and some stay the same and Sign & Song will always stay the exact same at Camp Chen-A-Wanda, that you can bank on. After plaque presentation, it was the Song portion of the night and this is where each bunk on girls side performs a dance. Each group got up on that stage and danced their hearts out. From our cutest and most adorable Freshman all the way through our beautifully talented CIT’s, they rocked the house and had a ball. As each Girls bunk danced with smiles on their faces, boys side stood on their seats with standing ovations. When one of us takes the stage, everyone at Chenny is there to back them up. This is why we call ourselves a family in every sense of the word, we are!!. Congratulations goes to tonights winners:

Lower Camp Boys Plaque Winner goes to Bunk H

Upper Camp Boys Plaque Winner goes to Bunk W

Lower Camp Girls Plaque Winner goes to Bunk F

Upper Camp Girls Plaque Winner goes to Bunk W

Lower Camp SONG goes to the ladies of Bunk I and Upper Camp SONG was awarded to the girls of Bunk W.

IT WAS A CIT SWEEP tonight and they deserved it. From their costumes, to their make-up to the most phenomenal dance we have ever seen here at Chenny. They were mesmerizing and so in unison. This group of incredible young women blew the roof off Shields Hall. The work and effort they put into their performance mirrors their dedication and loyalty to one another. It is a group that came together so beautifully and created a work of art. They are the best of the best and deserved the Win. All so different and all so vital to the beauty of this group. The tears were running down their faces as they came to the realization that tonight was the last Sign & Song of their camper career.  It was a night they will never forget. Our beautiful CIT’s dominated the stage tonight and shared their love of Chenny with us all.


Chenny out.