Chenny Globes..And The Winner Is…

We had a brunch morning and everyone loved the extra sleep after the last 5 days we all had. Color War required so much effort so that sleep in felt amazing. After our leisurely wakeup it was off to the Lodge were we filled our bellies with a delicious brunch. You can certainly feel the end is near. Lots of hugs and more tears so every meal, every moment we are trying to hold on to. Every song that was played in The Lodge struck a cord as we stood on our seats, wrapped our arms around one another and sang all in unison of how much we just don’t want to leave this place. To bear witness to this connection that we have with one another is moving beyond words can describe. These moments will soon be a fond memory of ours but will last way beyond this summer.

We spent the day having a lazy free play kind of day. There were movies in the Chen-A-Plex and some basketball games on Shields Court. There were some great GaGa games but mostly it was just truly enjoying spending time together today. You would see clusters of kids sitting on courts and playing jacks or cards, all laughing together and just connecting. It always amazes me to see a day spent of happy kids connecting face to face. Talking and laughing, playing and engaged to each other. We have spent the last six and half weeks without texting each other or connecting because we liked an Instagram post or checked out each others Snap Chat story.  We actually “liked” being with each other. We made bracelets together, we braided one another’s hair, we played jacks together, we traded pokemon cards with one another, we spent hours playing with our Spinablo together but most importantly we just connected and loved it.

As we celebrated our last 2016 Campers of the Week, we want to highlight just how amazing these campers are and the joy they bring to camp. We thank them for their outstanding contribution.

Freshman – Sammi Witz & Andrew Garrod

Juniors – Rebecca Stulberger & Derek Herzog

Middies – Zoe Gorsky & Barndon Witz

Inters – Gabby Hoffman & Jake Gold

Collegiates – Allie Schwarz & Ryan Bornstein

Seniors – Kelsey Bloom & Mitchell Limsky

Supers – Jessie Glickman & Benji Herzog

GC’s – Abby Nussbaum & Matthew Dillello

CIT’s – Maci Rubenstein/ Stevie Weingard & Mack Schnell

Tonight was a big show and everyone was excited for The Chenny Globes. It is our annual awards show and the kids love it. There is a red carpet, Paparazzi and of course the Globes. Campers dress up for the show, as this is a real deal Hollywood-esque celebrity show. Tonight’s Globes goes to:

Camp Clown – Pepper Margulis & Matthew Marchisotta

Most Likely To Save The World – Eden Lebovitch & Jagger Morgan

Most Likely To Become President – Julia Peskin  & Chase Rubenstein

Best Hair – Shaya Roth & Jesse Ryback

Best Smile – Maya Grill & Maw Secular

Future Head Staff – Abby Leeds & Sam Rochlin

Dynamic Duo – Shelby Myers & Rachel Stulberger / Griffin Gurewitz & Seth Haber

Best Siblings – Casey, Jake and Arielle Ashkenase / Derek & Benji Herzog

Camp Spirit – Brianna Deutsch & Jack Komson

Most Likely To Brighten Your Day – Bari Klein & David Smolowitz

Best Eyes – Michelle Pesner & Ethan Sukoneck

Three more nights, three more amazing evening activity’s to experience. Wednesday, it’s Late Night with Leahy, Thursday is Banquet and Friday is Memory Night and sadly Saturday is filled with heartbreak and sorrow as we leave this amazing place we call our summer home.  So it’s onto the best and last 3 days of living in paradise. #NotGonnaWasteOneMinute

Chenny Out