Boys Side Brought the House Down

It was another incredible day spent at our summer home. The weather was perfect and campers were happy, active and engaged. You can’t ask for more than that for our kids. It is why we do what we do. Seeing the tremendous growth that happens with each and every camper daily is what drives us all.  It takes a village and boy do we have an awesome one. You don’t see counselors without a camper holding their hand, sitting on their lap or catching a piggy back ride. It is such a beautiful sight to see as these bonds that happen and happen so quickly. Regardless if it’s wiping tears away and providing comfort to your children or just having a catch on a beautiful sunny day. These connections are so special and as a parent who sees this relationship with my own kids, I know that their presence in our kids lives makes them better people. Here, a twenty-something counselor has the ability to provide something us parents can’t. It’s a bond that is set apart and will forever hold an important place in the lives of our children. They learn differently from these relationship and there is a level of trust that is developed and doesn’t go away. We all give our children roots and sending them to sleep away camp is giving them their wings. It’s hard to imagine someone other than you understanding their fears, being there when they cry, tucking them in at night, laughing at their jokes, eating every meal with them and guiding them through their journey and that is exactly what our staff is doing with your children right now.

It was a busy and great day for our Chenny athletes. Enjoy the scoreboard:

Freshman/Junior Girls Soccer – CAW 9 @ Tioga 6

Senior/Super Girls LAX – Won by Tioga Forfeit

GC/CIT Girls Soccer – CAW 2 @ Wayne for Girls 5

Middy Boys Basketball – CAW 27 @ Westmont 29

Inter Boys Hockey – CAW 3 @ Westmont 14

Senior/Super Tennis Tournament @Starlight – Sam Tell Got to the Quarter Finals (Singles) – Jared Shiffman & Noah Shiffman Got to the Quarter Finals (Doubles)

GC/CIT Boys Tennis Wayne County Tournament @ Starlight – Noah Simpson Got the Semi-Finals (Singles) – Matthew Hellerman & Matthew Sussman – Semi Finals (Doubles)

The night belonged to Boys side as the put on quite a show with Boys Lip Sync 2017.  We often hear from parents that they just can’t imagine their boys getting up on stage performing a dance in front of the entire camp. Every single boy on camp came together with their division and performed an absolutely incredible performance tonight.  From the cutest and most adorable Freshman through the hilariously talented CIT’s, these boys put on a show that blew our minds. The entire Shields Hall was mesmerized as they watched, clapped and sang along with the boys on stage. I looked out at the crowd who all had smiles from ear-to-ear as they supported each other. Girls side was loving it as they cheered on boys side. It is the absolute best part of camp watching the support we give each other. We call it Chenny Pride but call it whatever you want, it is how we become family to one another. To see boys let loose, dance in front a packed house with such confidence and joy is awe inspiring. They let go and felt free – this type of outlet for our boys is just plain beautiful and it is what camp is all about. As hard as it was to pick a winner tonight, the Inters won for lower camp and for upper camp it was a unanimous decision as the CIT’s brought down the house and earned the Win!!  What a night we all had.

Life is sooooo GREAT at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!!

Chenny Out