A Perfect Start

Day 1 was everything we thought it would be, just PERFECT! Our campers jumped right into activities and boy were there happy campers all over camp. There is nothing like watching everyone begin their summer adventure and it started today. The day began with all our campers getting swim tested. The weather was warm so jumping into the pool was awesome. Smiling happy faces were EVERYWHERE.. If you can imagine a place where everyone you see is so happy and content, that is where we live for the next 50 days. Just pure bliss. We start our day walking to breakfast where everyone greets each other with “good morning” and “have a great day today” is our norm. It’s just what we do here and it’s contagious. The feeling of being here makes you smile at people you just met and it happens that quickly. The activities are awesome but the feeling inside our gates is better. There is just nothing that matches this feeling. It is no surprise why this is true happy place.

Activities were hoppin’ and kids were playing all day long. Watching them outside in nature, breathing this gorgeous fresh air, excercising their bodies, and relating to one another other in person vs. texting friends ┬áin front of the computer is why there is no better place for our kids. There was a Junior girl who is new to Chenny this summer and as I watched her contemplate if she would try the trapeze, her new group of friends she just met encouraged her to climb that ladder and try it. She was tentative but looked at her new friends and said “ok…Im gonna do it, even if I am a little scared”. She took a deep breath, climbed that ladder and never looked back. She grabbed the bar, closed her eyes and all you heard and she went flying was a giant..”WEEEEEEE”. As she flew back and forth her eyes finally opened and that smile was priceless. When she was back on solid ground, her new friends all hugged her. It was magical and I felt so privileged to watch this happen right in front of my eyes. This is why Chenny is all of our happy place. Going from strangers to family on day 1.

As the sun set over Fiddle Lake, it was time for dinner and this night set our dance parties into high gear. It began with a flash mob our staff had practiced all throughout orientation. The kids went nuts, stood on the tables and watched our mob get down and it wasn’t long before the kids got into the rhythm and jammed right along with us. We became ONE tonight at dinner and the party just started. After a full day of insane fun, followed by a crazy dance party in the Lodge who thought this day could better and it did…. Our campers were entertained with some incredible magic by Eric Wilzig who blew our minds. The kids LOVED it. There were so many, “how’d he do that?” We all left Shields Hall scratching our heads not believing what we just saw.

So Day 1 Summer 2017 is in the books and if today is a sign of what is to come this summer, we are one lucky summer family because it was a perfect day. We are in the Chenny bubble and there is just no other place we want to be. Feeling pretty lucky we get this all summer long.

Chenny out.