Beth Miller

My name is Beth Miller and I am the Art Director at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. 2018 will be my 7th summer at camp and what a journey it has been! I’m not sure where to start on what camp means to me or how it has changed me for the better as a person, but let’s start at the beginning…

I started in 2012 as the Jewelry Specialist and was a counselor for the Junior girls. It’s safe to say that, even throughout the nerves, I instantly fell in love with camp. Your first summer at camp is something that you’ll never forget. Your first Olympics, 4th of July fireworks, Girls Sing, and Color War, just to name a few, and all the excitement that comes with it. After finishing my first summer, there was no doubt in my mind that I had to return, but I had no idea what the next 5 years had in store for me. I stayed as an Arts Specialist for a few summers, before becoming the Art Lead, now, the Art Director.

I can’t imagine myself anywhere else, but in the fun, beautiful hectic building that we call Art and Crafts.I love being in the middle of the camper’s creativity – from bunk plaques to Girls Sing and DIY Halloween costumes, I’ve seen it all. The best part of my job is helping campers create something that they are proud of (even if I’m covered in glitter for days!).

Something that makes camp so special is seeing the campers return summer after summer, and seeing how they have grown throughout the year. Having watched my girls grow from little Juniors to now bright, happy teenagers is something I will always treasure.


The bonds that I’ve made with other counselors have been so unique too. It’s crazy how you go from complete strangers to best friends within such a short time. I and a few other counselors have traveled around the world together, which we refer to as ‘Chenny on Tour’, including places like Thailand, Paris, the Middle East, and Costa Rica. We became best friends with our common love for camp, and although we have traveled to many places, Chenny will always be our favorite.

I can’t begin to thank camp for all it has given me over the years and how it’s positive impact will stay with me through all stages of my life. I am certain that I will always use the phrase “you do you.” Not only have I gained amazing memories, but also best friends and little sisters. Camp has helped me write many chapters in my life that I’ll cherish forever, but for now and my journeys ahead, the rest is still unwritten.