Ruben Morales

Hola! My name is Ruben Morales and I’m from Princeton, NJ. I’m currently studying athletic training at Kean University.

In 2014, I started my Chenny journey when I came across the camps flyer during study hall at my school. I was a camper at a wilderness camp when I was younger, but I knew this would be totally different. After much thought, I decided to give it a go! I remember arriving at camp and being completely doubtful. The first two weeks were tough for me. I don’t consider myself a social or outgoing person that can just walk up and talk to new people, but camp helped me with that!

Joining the Chenny family was so much more than I thought it would be. I have made so many special friendships with staff from all over the world, each year adding more and more to the list. I originally applied for a soccer specialist position, but all roles were filled. I ended up working as a general counselor my first year and that was the best decision I have made. I was put in a bunk with the Senior boys and they quickly became family. I can say that those boys made my decision to return to camp very easy. I returned for my second summer as soccer specialist. I was very excited because I was still able to live with my campers while teaching the sport that I love. It only got better from there.

In 2016, I returned as Group Leader for my GC boys. This was such a great summer for me. I got to share the experience of going on the West Coast Trip with them. After this, I didn’t see them as my campers, but as my brothers. My fourth year, I came back as one of the Athletic Directors; I had a fun time in my new position at camp. I learned a ton of new things and had completely different responsibilities from my last few roles at camp. One cool thing about joining the Chenny family is that you’ll make friendships that will last for a really long time. It’s just incredible to me how we all come together from all over the world to this place in Pennsylvania and become a huge family. The best part it only takes 8 weeks to make these relationships. I’m also thankful that I was able to meet such wonderful girl like Nikki! I can’t wait for Summer ’18!