Stuart Rohatiner

It was the summer of 1980. I had attended Camp Olympus and knew Morey Baldwin. Right before the summer, Morey offered me a job as a Camp Counselor for six-year-old boys, the youngest bunk on camp! Long story short, it was a disaster as I didn’t have the maturity or patience. Two weeks into camp, I was miserable and Morey was ready to fire me and send me home for the summer. Urghh!

Mitch Steinhart, a long-time camper, and counselor at Camp Chen-A-Wanda heard about my plight and transitioned me into his bunk. I went from a Junior Counselor with six-year-olds to 13-year-olds, but the difference was Mitch Steinhart. The boys were so kind to me and a new bunk gave me a chance to regroup. Mitch had convinced Morey to move me into his bunk, so I had to earn my stay at camp and prove that Mitch did the right thing!

From that point on, I observed Mitch at work and he was outstanding. A year later, I was a Color War Captain. Crazy to think about that – I went from almost being fired for my lack of maturity and patience to leading half the camp during Color War! Mitch showed tremendous leadership; Mitch taught me many things about working with kids and other people. I always admired how Mitch found the good in people and always acted “bigger” than the situation. He was an incredible guiding force for me during my two summers at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. Even my grades in college improved after a summer with Mitch. Mitch is one of Camp Chena-A-Wanda’s alumni treasures. That’s the support, caring, kindness and true friendship I found at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. Thank you, Mitch Steinhart.

It doesn’t surprise me that Mitch is now a New Jersey Superior Court Judge. He had amazing judgment in his early 20s, and I wouldn’t doubt his judgment today.

Huge shout out to Fair Lawn’s Mitch Steinhart on his appointment as a New Jersey Superior Court judge. Thank you and Camp Chen-A-Wanda for the encouragement and leadership skills!!!