Today began like any other amazing day here at CAW. We played all day long but as 4th activity period started, the sound of the Olympics theme song played throughout camp. You could here the music from the Lake all the way up to Wiffle Ball and out of every corner appeared our Head Counselors dressed in their tracksuits and headbands. They stood united just outside of Arts and Crafts and waited for the last Head Counselor, Brian Leahy to arrive with our very own Olympic torch.  We all began the procession up to the Minor League Baseball Field where all of camp gathered for our opening ceremonies.

Each Head Counselor then took a moment and spoke about key components that are needed and necessary as we head into the next 2 days of Olympic Competition.  They are:








Camp was split into three teams RED INDIA, GOLD IRELAND and BLUE ISRAEL and the spirit was insane. The chants and cheers began and it was off to our first Olympic battle, Tugs of War.  It was intense and the dedication was present. No matter if the team won or lost, there was support for the effort. True sportsmanship ruled today and it was an awesome sight.

It is not the end result we look for but the journey and how we get there that matters most. Everyone individual makes a team and everyone counts. We are entering these games wanting to win and playing them with respect and dignity.  To watch an entire camp give it all they got, to dig down deep and work towards a common goal is truly awe-inspiring.

Congratulations to all of our Campers of The Week. They deserved it and we are so very proud of them.

Girls Side:

Bunk A – Zoey Wood

Bunk B – Molly Isen

Bunk C – Jordan Jurist

Bunk D – Morgan Camche

Bunk E – Sydney Gurewicz

Bunk F – Lauren Kerner

Bunk G – Jamie Scheman & Halle Racenstein

Bunk H – Jenna Seitler & Gabby Katz

Bunk I – Jordana Leff & Dani Cohn

Bunk J – Lexi Lichten

Bunk K – Rachel Mahler

Bunk L – Hunter Halpern & Jordan Brunner

Bunk M – Stevie Weingard

Bunk N – Morgan Maschler & Dani Zuckoff

Bunk O – Sydney Salk

Bunk P – Kayla Legatt

Bunk Q – Peri Zemlock

Bunk R – Nikki Gross

Bunk S – Julie Mendelson & Hillary Schier

Bunk W Jordan Tell


Boys Side:

Bunk A – Jonah Baum

Bunk B – Jaret Fensterstock

Bunk C – Drew Brassloff

Bunk D – Jared Brunner

Bunk E – Aaron Hafkin

Bunk F – Spencer Wexler

Bunk G – Jake Berlin

Bunk H – Adam Covey

Bunk I – Sam Rochlin

Bunk J – Eli Kellner

Bunk K – Josh Polansky

Bunk L – Jared Berman

Bunk M – Max Moritz

Bunk N – Zach Fishberg

Bunk O – Josh Antell

Bunk P – Harrison Bloom

Bunk Q – Russel Ettinger

Bunk R – Jason Levine

Bunk W – Michael Teich