We Weathered the Storm

Even without power this camp rocks. We ate by candlelight but had hot delicious meals.  Many times I have mentioned in these blogs that there is a feeling of family here at CAW and nothing can best describe that than the past 48 hours.  The campers barely noticed that the power was out because it was camp as usual. The nights became a fun bunk party of flickering flashlights. When I tell you it was a party here, that is no exaggeration. Your kids were amazing and they have a story and an experience that will be with them forever.

The rain was off and on today and though we tried to get some games in, that proved too difficult. Mother Nature had her way today so our games needed to be rescheduled. As the sun peaked out this afternoon, it was a perfect time to honor our Campers of the week. To be recognized this week was truly an honor as we had to be extra patient, flexible and understanding. We are so proud of all our campers but an extra great job to the following who went above and beyond this week.

Girls Side

Bunk A                        Skylar Jaffe

Bunk B                         Melanie Korn

Bunk C                        Kelsey Bloom

Bunk D                         Rylie Klein

Bunk E                        Sydney Kesselman

Bunk F                         Maddy Marcus

Bunk G                        Leah Weiss & Sarah Gershman

Bunk H                        Sara Agsteribe

Bunk I                         Jordan Ash & Maddy Grabow

Bunk J                         Sydney Levitz

Bunk K                         Sara Akerman

Bunk L                        Jordan Leeds & Casey Kaplan

Bunk M                        Alexis Ash

Bunk N                        Sydney Weinberger

Bunk O                        Emily Silman

Bunk P                         Sophie Dinow

Bunk Q                        Michelle Steinberg

Bunk R                         Bari Adwar

Bunk S                         Molly Burack & Heather Andelsman

Bunk W                        Rachel Robinson


Boys Side

Bunk A                        Matthew Hellerman

Bunk B                        Ben Brett

Bunk C                        Ethan Tantleff

Bunk D                        Mitchell Limsky

Bunk E                        Noah Kule

Bunk F                        Ari Dagan

Bunk G                        Zach Parker

Bunk H                        Jack Sntoro

Bunk I                                    Jack Abel

Bunk J                                    Andrew Larheim

Bunk K                         Logan Rivera

Bunk L                        David Smolowitz

Bunk M                        Max Secular

Bunk N                        Corey Feld

Bunk O                        Brandon Schiffman

Bunk P                        Zachary Horowitz

Bunk Q                        Andrew Palermo

Bunk R                        Josh Lomita

CIT                               Ryan Shaevitz

It was 5:30pm and it happened, our power was restored. You could here our joyous cheers all the way across Fiddle Lake. It was a moment, we will never forget. All of us on camp grounds will remember exactly where they were when the lights went on. It was a great moment and as we all headed into the Lodge for dinner, there was an excitement of normalcy. Having our meals by candlelight was awesome but eating with every light on the lodge turned on was AMAZING!!! Then there was music and lots of it. We were in the mood to celebrate, sing and dance and that is exactly what we did. Pure joy and celebration occurred in The Lodge tonight. Can’t quite describe the elation but the video will be up soon and you can see for yourself how we ended Blackout 2012!

It was back to regular evening activity and we had our lower camp boys in the Rec Hall for a mass GAGA tournament. Music was bumpin’ and they were loving GAGA. Lower camp girls were in the teen center for some BINGO fun. Upper camp Boys and Girls loaded into the Lodge to watch a movie and loved it as they enjoyed some hot cocoa and snacks with their movie.

What an experience we all went through and now with blackout 2012 behind us, we can say “let’s go on with the last 2 weeks of summer”. Bring it!

Chenny out.