We have ourselves a COLOR WAR

The day started out like any other amazing day here even with the rain coming down. No amount of rain could dampen our day and the buzz was definitely Color War. We love the element of surprise here and historically the fake outs have been off the hook amazing but we decided that this year we would go straight to the break out. Campers were convinced that tonight was a going to be fake out and of course they thought this as we strategically started a bit of a story that we knew would spread like wild fire and that it did. Campers staff all day were chattering about the “big fake out tonight.” But what they didn’t know was that they were about to get the real deal of the most epic Chen-A-Wanda Color War breakout ever.

The plan started at dinner with the biggest birthday party you have ever been to. So we filled The Lodge with balloons, streamers, birthday hats and blowers. We sang Happy Birthday to every one of us and then danced like crazy. The energy was insane and fun. There was birthday cake for each bunk followed by ice pops. As we so brilliantly occupied our campers and staff, our surprise guest was doing a sound check in Shields Hall. In the meantime, the rue of the big fake out was at an all time high with every camper and staff. No one had a clue that tonight was the night and more importantly, who was breaking out Color War in the most epic way.

So it was into Shields Hall for the scheduled evening activity, Deal or No Deal. Still everyone was blissfully unaware about what was about to happen. Kids were chosen to be contestants, and the game began. After round one, the final camper chosen to play the actual game was our CIT boy, Ben Metzger. As he started the game, the banker called and offered a deal for his case. The offer was for his entire bunk to go to an upcoming Hoodie Allen concert with back stage passes. He was instructed to think about it but as his bunk was screaming out “take the deal” we had arranged the banker to call bank and rescind his deal and the concert was gone. Just as Ben and his bunk was reeling from the blown deal, you heard a voice come from behind the stage say “What if this Hoodie concert happened NOW” and with that the crowd went crazy.  Chen-A-Wanda Alumni and current rap star Hoodie Allen took center stage and blew our minds away. Every camper was screaming in excitement as Hoodie performed for us. Those younger campers, who may not have heard of him, know him now. It was a concert like no other and everyone was singing along with him. To try and accurately describe what happened tonight would be impossible as you had to experience the madness and did tonight. After Hoodie sang his last song, he looked out in the crowd and said, we have a Color War here at Chen-A-Wanda. The banner rolled down as it proudly displayed Red Jocks. Vs. Gold Geniuses.

Get ready for a crazy 5 days of Color War insanity!!!! Tonight was the most epic and outrageous color war break anyone has ever experienced.

Chenny Out