We are getting in the groove!!!

It was a fantastic day at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. Auditions for girls were held today for our production of High School Musical 2. There was a big turnout and it looks as if this show will be a huge hit. The boys are looking forward to their auditions tomorrow.

Tryouts for Wayne county teams continued and practices are underway.

Hobby, our elective program for the campers, was in full swing today. Campers were flying off the water trampoline, swinging from the trapeze and hitting homeruns.
The Inter girls were the first campers to utilize our fabulous new cooking facility. They baked both chocolate chip and cinnamon raisin cookies from start to finish. They even cleaned the dishes!!! The delicious smell spread throughout camp and everyone can’t wait to cook tomorrow.

Tonight our evening activity was Camp Chen-A-Wanda’s Deal or No Deal. Just like the TV game show, we offered a variety of prizes and those lucky chosen camper contestants, Abigail Nussbaum, Adam Heimowitz, Nicole Guttenberg and Jacob Metzger called “DEAL” and won some fantastic prizes, including an ice cream party, $20, a pizza party and TV in the teen center.
As the night ends and all our campers are sleeping safely in their bunks…we can’t wait to start it all over again tomorrow.

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