Tuesday Trip Day

It was trip day and all the campers were psyched to venture out of camp. It’s quite a sight to see everyone in their gold trip shirts boarding the buses, full of excitement and wonder as they look forward to what the day will bring.

The Freshman, Juniors and Middies spent the day the State park and had the greatest day. They swam in the lake, built giant sand castles, tossed the football around, had a game of Frisbee and just chilled out in the sun. It was such a relaxing and chilled out day. The day ended with a BBQ at the park. The food was amazing and the campers just sat around with their friends, eating and chatting and just being with one another.

A great day with special friends made today just awesome.

The Inters, Collegiates, Seniors and Supers spent their day at Camel Beach. It was in the water all day. Everyone loved being in wave pool, chilling out in the lazy river, swooshing around the toilet bowl and zipping down the giant water slides. It was a hot day so there was no better place to be than a water park. It was a Chenny takeover at Camel Beach. Felt like we had the entire park to ourselves. A sea of Chenny Gold T’s everywhere. Love it!

The GC’s had their pick of the day. As a group they chose where to go today and they all agreed it was a mall, movie and out to dinner kind of day. As our graduating campers, they loved the freedom to shop watch and eat!!! They had a great time together today.

Like any trip we all take, there is such great excitement to leave then we have an amazing time when we are there but oh how we love coming back home. We are back home safe and sound and all are asleep. Life is Good!!!

Chenny out!.