The Friendship Bowl

We woke up to a chilly brisk summer morning and everyone rolled into breakfast in their cozy jammies. It was that kind of morning. After we ate our delicious breakfast, it was time to get down to camp business and get outside for some serious fun. We had a few sun showers throughout the day but that didn’t stop the action. The Cookhouse was cooking some amazing desserts and the School of Rock was just rockin’. The fields were full of active kids and when the sun stayed out, we were flying on the trapeze. Walking around camp its truly an awesome site seeing our campers hit homeruns over the Big Red Monster at Wiffle Ball while kids are getting blobbed off the water trampoline in the lake. Its nonstop fun from dusk to dawn.

With all we have here, the most important components are being able to do these things with our friends. There were two campers in ceramics that were building a bowl together. They called it their friendship bowl. It started as a chunk of clay and ended up as a beautiful symbol of what happens here everyday. There are no cell phones to text each other here. There are no computers or facebook to occupy us. We are face to face, we are communicating with one another and we are making friendship bowls. This is the magic that happens here on a daily basis. How lucky are we to have these moments to connect, truly connect with one another.

Everyone was looking forward to tonight’s evening activity, the Dating Game. Each division had a bachelor or a bachelorette asking questions to the three potential dates behind the curtain. It was hilarious, it was fun and everyone had a ball. There is so much support and encouragement to everyone of our campers who gets up on our stage. Can you imagine being applauded by a packed house for just answering a question about what your favorite ice cream is and why? It happens here. We are a family who plays together, who supports each other and who are all experiencing this crazy fun together.

Today was a perfect example of why life is great at Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny out.