The Boys Were All in Sync Tonight

We had another phenomenal day at camp. The weather was beautiful and the kids were out playing games, swimming in the pool, climbing the iceberg, and much more! Even with so much going on, the excitement was all about Boys Lip Sync and they gave us a fantastic show. Each division spent countless hours preparing dances that fit the theme they decided on. The themes were:

  • Juniors: Juniors on Fire
  • Middies: Bringing Britany Back
  • Inters: Grease Lightning
  • Collegiates: Lion King
  • Seniors: Revenge of the Nerds
  • Supers: Cascada
  • CGs: School of Rock
  • CITs/Waiters: Spice Girls

After much deliberation, the Inters received the winning title for lower camp and the Seniors took home the win for upper camp. It was a great night and the tradition of Boys Lip Sync stays strong.