Opening Day!

We had a fantastic first day full of games, ice breakers, relay races and time getting to know one another. The kids were off and running as soon as they stepped off the bus. The sun shined here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and there was a buzz in the air that this will be a very special summer.

We introduced our head staff at evening activity and showed a video montage of summer 2008. The returning campers loved to watch highlights of last year and the new campers loved to see what is in store for them this summer.

We have a new tradition here at camp in which we honor those who have dedicated there summers to Camp Chen-A-Wanda. Campers and staff who have spent 5, 7 and 10 years received special gifts from us. The campers were so surprised and felt extremely special. Exactly what our goal was!

All in all, it was day full of smiles, laughter and making new friends. What a great way to start summer 2009.