Minute To Win It

The day was perfect and camp was ideal.  Campers were busy in their activities and it was just another perfect day in paradise. Nothing is wrong waking up in this gorgeous landscape, breathing in this crisp air, playing outside all day long and just loving life. It’s really hard to complain when your day is spent like this, surrounded by energetic happy people. From walking into the Lodge for breakfast, people pass you by and say, “Good Morning” all the way through curfew and you hear the words “Goodnight.. see you in the morning.” It’s a place that breeds good feelings and kindness. Where saying good morning and good night are as effortless as breathing. We are living in a city of good will and great vibes. Reason #175 why Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Sports…Sports….Sports…. Chenny Loves their sports

Collegiate Girls Soccer – CAW 5 @ Wayne 1 (CAW advances to Finals)

Senior Girls Tennis – CAW 0 @ Wayne 5

Freshman/Junior Boys Baseball – CAW 1 @ Equinunk 4

Collegiate Boys Baseball – CAW 1 @ Starlight 8

Collegiate Boys Tennis – CAW 4 @ Starlight 1

It is such an honor to be a Camper of the Week and we couldn’t be more proud of these campers who earned and deserved it..

Freshmen                         Riley Skrief                   Alec Glazer

Juniors                              Sloane Kesselman     Jack Resnick

Middies                             Ashleigh Brett            Sam Kreshover

Inters                                 Jordan Glickman      Ben Farhi

Collegiates                         Rachel Novick            Noah Kule

Seniors                                Halle Recenstein      Ben Einzig

Supers                                 Phoebe Warshauer    Jordan Rosenberg

CIT’s                                     Gillian Stapler            Steven Bochner

Out GC’s are still having the time of their lives on their trip out West. They are in Las Vegas and loving it. It was Circus Circus in the day and some sightseeing on the strip at night. They group dined at Hard Rock Cafe and then off to an incredible show, Jabawokeez!! They LOVED it and loved Las Vegas. Next stop, The Grand Canyon. It just keeps getting better and better.

Everybody loves Minute To Win It and Chenny kids had a ball as each division had a boy and girl player represent their division.. The crowd cheered on their campers as they were playing for some fabulous and fun prizes. There were 16 players to start the game and after several rounds of incredible challenges, it was narrowed down to 2 finalist who battled it out. CIT Matty Krieger vs. Collegiate camper Jordan Model as they played Volcano in the last round. Each contestant had a cup full of mentos mints and both stood on a platform overlooking a large bottle of soda. The task needed them to successfully drop a mentos into the soda where it would cause a reaction for the soda to crate a volcano and shoot up. It was neck and neck and anyone’s game but with only seconds on the clock, Matty won!!! The crowd went crazy and the kids had a ball. Another amazing night here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny out