Building Sandcastles

Have you ever sat and watched kids build sandcastles? I mean really watch the collaboration and design of the whole process? I did that today and what I saw was pure magic. There was a group of campers building sandcastles down at the beach. There were a few kids who were filling the buckets with water from the lake and the others that were digging the motes that surrounded the castles that were built by another crew. This division of responsibilities was like a dance these campers have done before. There was a vision they all had and boy were they busy. They discussed just how big the castle needed to be and together they worked to create this mini royal world all by themselves. It looked like too much fun to sit by and watch so just like them, I jumped in and added my own contribution with a stick here and a leaf there and every time someone new came to play with us, they were welcomed and their ideas were treasured and added value. It was the perfect example of collaboration, negotiation and creation that stemmed from building sandcastles together. This group of boys and girls, some younger and some older were working independently yet in sync with one another. We were all busy bees working together without a disagreement and with total collaboration that made something pretty beautiful. We did it together and as the bugle rang for shower hour, we all reveled in what we created. To them it was an awesome sandcastle but to me it was way more than that. It was watching your kids learn to work with others in the most positive, productive and supportive way. That sandcastle will most likely not be there in the morning but the value of what it taught your kids will be with them forever.

Another awesome day for Chenny Sports.

Inter Girls  Soccer РCAW 10 @ Tioga 1

Collegiate Girls Basketball – CAW 16 @ Nesher 36

Super Girls Soccer – CAW 7 @ Westmont 0

Freshman. Junior/Middy Boys LAX Tourney at Wayne – CAW lost both matches (7-9 & 5-8)

Inter Boys Soccer – CAW 6 @ Westmont 2

Collegiate Boys Soccer – CAW 4 @ Starlight 2

Senior Boys Tennis – CAW 0 vs. Tioga 5

Senior Boys Basketball – CAW 35 @ Morasha 37

Tonight was an incredible night as we watched our Head staff battle at Lip Sync. There were 8 AWESOME performances and each brought down the house. It was hilarious and entertaining. From our Basketball Director completely embodying Meghan Trainor as he lip synced All About That Base to our Head Counselors putting on a show that we will be talking about for days to come. You could barely hear the music as the roar of the crowd was defining. As hard as it was to choose 5 acts that will move on to our final Lip Sync Battle, we did narrow it down and the bar was set high. Not only do we have the best and most talented staff, they can put on a show that made every single person in Shields Hall smile and sing a long tonight. There is no place like camp!!! Life is Great.

Chenny out