We all enjoyed some extra sleep with a lazy morning wake up followed by a delicious brunch in the Lodge. It was the perfect morning to recharge after five days of Color War.  The afternoon was beautiful so there was no better place to be than the waterfront. We all know there are only a few more days left here so everyone is enjoying every second and not wasting a minute.

It was a perfect day for our Doppleganger contest. So many of our campers look like one another on girls side, we had to come together and have an official contest. They dressed alike, they walked the same and they were just adorable. It was fun to see how much we all look a like. Make sure to look out for the pictures from this camp favorite event.

The night was all about Late Night with Leahy and the buzz was in the air. It is an amazing culmination of great videos and presentations delivered by our Boys Head Counselor extraordinaire, Brian Leahy. It was hilarious and referenced everything funny about camp. This evening’s activity is a camp favorite and even our counselors that were off duty, stayed to watch because it’s just that entertaining. Campers absolutely went crazy for the hilarity of what they witnessed. It was a perfect way to end a perfect day.

Everyone is looking forward to banquet tomorrow. It is the best celebration and we do it in style. We dine on amazing cuisine as we are all dressed up in our best duds. Then it’s back to the bunk to get on comfortable clothes and shoes for one amazing night of dancing and celebrating. Best night of CAW is just around the corner. Can’t wait!

Chenny out.