It’s not goodbye…it’s just see you later

What we’ve learned at camp this summer:

  • The friends you make, accept you for who you are.
  • Trying new things makes you feel confident that you can do anything.
  • Junior Girls Rock at Jai Ho.
  • It takes courage to take the Leap of Faith.
  • Campers will never forget their counselors.
  • Counselors will never forget their campers.
  • Soy Nut Butter is definitely not Peanut Butter, but we will eat it anyway.
  • Sometimes small disagreements bring you closer.
  • Middy Boys look adorable with make-up on.
  • A hug and a hand hold is the norm here.
  • Farting at boys line-up is actually encouraged and expected… SAFETY!
  • School of Rock really does rock.
  • The Cookhouse smells amazing.
  • Chris Evans is the best blob launcher.
  • Missing home doesn’t compare to how much we will miss one another.
  • The Diablo is a sport on boys side.
  • Sea Bands help us not throw up on the bus.
  • Bugles will still be ringing in our heads.
  • Color War is intense.
  • 18465.
  • Dave Matthews Band rules!
  • The friends you make, accept you for who you are…

Some of us have been here for many years, and for some of us it is just the beginning, but no matter who we are, our camp friends become our family who we rely on, tell our secrets to, play ball with, share our fears with, cry to, laugh with, and forever have a connection like no other. Oh how we will miss our summer home and wait 10 months for 2.

These are the best days of our lives…