It's hard to say goodbye

Today was an emotional day for all of us. We packed our bags and were constantly reminded that the end has come. We spent our time in disbelief that our summer is ending. This world up here is ideal. It is full of love, support, play, friends, adventure and more. As the sun set over our beautiful Fiddle Lake, we all headed up to our last evening activity…..together.

Tonight, as we all sat in the Rec Hall watching our memory video, we couldn’t stop the tears. As the video began all you could see were hands around each other and the entire camp was swaying in unison. As the images of our summer passed onto the screen, each frame brought us back to the why we love this place so much.  We laughed out loud as we were brought back to funny moments throughout the summer and we cried even harder as we knew that these moments, for now, have come to an end.

An end to our perfect evening was spent around the campfire, with an impromptu sing along. It was a tear-jerker and nobody wanted it to end. Many of us started out the summer as strangers, many of us were friends already but it is undeniable that we are forever connected and that summer 2010 was  AMAZING!!!!

It’s not goodbye, it’s just see you later.

Chenny out.