It was Spirit day at CHEN-A-WANDA

Not only did we celebrate the 4th of July today, but we also honored the world. Each bunk was decked out in spirit garb. Some celebrated Israel and dressed as rabbis, some dressed as Spartans showing their loyalty to Sparta, others were draped in Togas in honor of Greece.. Groups sang songs, chanted throughout camp and everyone got into Spirit Day. You couldn’t help feel the spirit. It was contagious.

023 Spirit Day 023

The weather was beautiful and we spent the afternoon at our beach party. There were water balloon tosses, kids chilling on the lawn, swimming in the pool, climbing up the ice berg and jumping on the water trampoline.

We had a delicious BBQ outside tonight and the campers loved to eat our red white and blue cupcakes & watermelon. After dinner, we all headed up to the baseball fields and had mass co-ed camp softball games.

Then it was off to evening activity where the campers watched our head counselors and group leaders perform hilarious skits about the Independence of America. The show ended with all the group leaders having a pie eating contest.

As the night grew darker, we all walked up to the outside amphitheater and were dazzled by the most AMAZING firework show ever!!! It was in our own backyard and the kids LOVED it. One of the most memorable 4th of July’s I can remember and from the reaction of the campers and staff, this definitely goes down as the best 4th of July CHEN-A-WANDA has ever seen.

A great day and one that we will always remember.

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