Happy 70th Birthday CHEN-A-WANDA

What a fantastic day we had today. The sun was shining and all the activities were busy with happy campers. It was just one of those great camp days that standouts as spectacular.

It was our 70th Birthday Party and we played old school party games like they did way back then, including hot potato, pin the tail on the donkey and twister. There was a beautiful birthday cake and hundreds of Chenny color cupcakes for everyone at the party. As we sang Happy Birthday to this place we all love, we had the staff who has been here for 10 years plus stand in honor of our past. Then we asked the juniors to stand to represent our future… then together as one, the whole camp stood to represent the present. What a gift to have our summer family, standing together honoring the 70th birthday of this amazing place we call our summer home.

Happy Birthday Chen-A-Wanda !! We’ve never looked better.