Gold Zombie Wins Color War!!!!!

It was a rainy day but that didn’t slow down our color war spirit. We played basketball games in Shields Hall all afternoon and as the rain lightened a bit we were on the fields playing some intense soccer and flag football games. They players were wet, muddy and were having the absolute best time playing in the rain.  It was the icing on the cake for these campers who fought a hard and fun battle as the rain came down. This has been a color war of firsts as only 12 seconds separated the rope burn and as we all headed into lunch on this last day of games, only 18 points separated Red Vampires from the Gold Zombies. In the history of Camp Chen-A-Wanda’s Color Wars, both of these events have never occurred.  It has been 5 days of intensity and every single camper has been a crucial spoke on their teams wheel.

From the heartfelt psych speeches to the encouragement and support everyone gives during the games is what drives each one of us to do our best. It is an experience that your children have embraced and allowed into their hearts. Today the collegiate boys played in an intense basketball game where Gold Zombies won by a single point. There was no gloating or showing off after they claimed victory. Every single Gold Zombie player wrapped their arms around their Red Vampire opponents and congratulated them on an incredible game and this collection of awesome kids, walked arm in arm to lunch together. The sea of red and gold brothers played hard but in the end their friendship superseded any amount of competition they faced. A victory may be good for the team but a generous kind spirit is a win for the soul.

It all came down to Sing tonight as each team entered Shields Hall literally dressed to kill. There were Vampires and Zombies everywhere. The costumes were incredible, inventive, creative and unreal. There were brides from the dead and zombie clowns and who could ignore walking caskets and flying bats. The songs were heartfelt and the artwork was inspiring and this color war one of the best we’ve ever seen. But in the end tonight went to Gold Zombies. The cheers of joy were deafening as the Zombies celebrated their victory. Then the tears started to flow on both sides of the Hall. Everyone knows that the end of color war signifies the end of camp. There were hugs and tears but not for the win or the loss but only having 4 more days to spend with our summer family.  The hugs got tighter and longer as nobody wanted to let go. Leaving Shields Hall tonight was so bitter sweet; it hurt our hearts to walk outside and head back to our bunks. The feeling of exhaustion and elation, sadness and joy, closeness and fear of the distance is so present tonight, you can’t help but feel all of the above.  Your children have experienced something that they may not be able to full explain but they sure fully feel. Everyone inside Camp Chen-A-Wanda has gone through this together and that alone makes us a family that is close beyond explanation or reason.

We have 4 more days and we plan on loving each moment and embracing every minute together. Life is great here and we just aren’t quite ready for this to end. #FeelingPrettyGrateful

Chenny out