First Day of Hobby…

We had another great day today. There was a slight chill in the air but it was perfect day for all our activities. Kids were out and about and loving it.

There were smiling campers because today everyone had Hobby. We are glad to report that 98% of our campers got their first choice for Hobby. To say that we had happy campers would be an understatement.

Wayne County games are underway and we are so proud of our Senior girls who won their 1st softball game vs. Tioga with a final score of 22-8. There is nothing like hearing that horn honking as the team drives up Camp Rd. with a bus full of players who played hard and won. We are so proud of them. Go Girls!!

Tonight’s evening activity was Wacky and Wild. We had Powerhouse Studio doing a Wacky & Wild Game show. The campers competed throwing rubber chicken into big bins, hopped in hibbity hops and got pied in the face. For a select few, it was off to the Booger Blaster. It was wild, it was wacky and it was so much fun!!

And the best news yet,  we get to do this all over again tomorrow!!

Chenny out.