Days Like This…..

It’s days like this that remind us why we’re here. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky and Fiddle Lake was glistening and looked like there were diamonds shimmering on the water. It was just an absolute perfect day here at CAW. Campers were out and about enjoying themselves. Where do kids get to play outside all day long? No television, no computers, no cell phones to occupy your children. Just wide-open fields so your kids can play.  When you send them to camp, you have provided them a summer to just play. A truly essential experience that kids these days get so little of.

It was a busy day of games for our CAW athletes. Watching them play is such a great experience and wonderful sight to see. They play for the love of the game and that shines through.

Girls 7th & 8th Grade Gymnastics – Single Day competition at Wayne for Girls – CAW came in 7th Place Overall

Girls 5th Grade Basketball – CAW 24 vs. Poyntelle 2

Boys 6th Grade Tennis – CAW 2 vs. Wayne 3

Boys 7th Grade LAX – CAW 3 vs. Wayne 9

CAW hosted a 5th Grade Boys Basketball Tourney.

CAW White 25 vs. Tyler Hill 28

CAW White 18 vs. Westmont 30

CAW Gold 31 vs. Tyler Hill 20

CAW Gold 19 vs. CAW White 13

CAW Gold 24 vs. Westmont 8

CAW Red 31 vs. Westmont 21

CAW Red 35 vs. Tyler Hill 9

CAW Red 30 vs. CAW White 20

CAW Red 22 vs. CAW Gold 6

CAW Red won todays tourney. All the boys had a great time and got to play all afternoon.

All of our Freshman and Junior Boys went to Camp Westmont this evening to play in a friendly soccer tournament they hosted. We had an absolute ball with a total of 4 games being played and CAW won 2 and Westmont won 2. Our CIT Boys joined them tonight and cheered them on. Faces were painted, signs were made and our oldest campers spent the evening cheering on our youngest campers. It was quite a special sight to see these friendships developing between these campers. One CIT said cheering on the Freshman and Juniors reminded him how quick this experience goes and how he wishes it was him on that field just starting his CAW journey. In a blink of an eye.

It was Round Robin tonight and boy did everyone have a great time. Our Freshman girls were having cupcake wars in the Cookhouse while our Junior Girls loved playing night time kickball under the stars. Inter & Collegiate girls enjoyed movie night in the Chen-A-Plex while Senior Girls enjoyed a spa party while Super Girls had a campfire and S’mored it up. GC girls spent their night playing board games and our Girl Wanderers dressed up as nerds and had a blast playing BBG. Middie Boys spent their night playing Wiffle Ball palooza while the Inters & Collegiates were in Shields Hall enjoying their Gaga tournament. Seniors & Supers  had a blast playing Flag Football.  Our GC’s boys loved playing Kan Jam.

Like I started this blog is how I will end because it’s days like this that remind us why we’re here. Life is simply Great here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.