Days Like This

Do you ever have those days that feel great from start to finish? Those days that you wake up with s smile and go to sleep with a happy heart and everything in between felt just right? We have a lot of those days here at Chenny but today was that day. We all go t a little extra sleep after the past 3 days of intense Olympic competition and that extra sleep felt so good. As we are entering our third week, it feels like we have been here forever and just got here at the same time. It’s a feeling that you totally get when you live here and experience this Chen-A-Wanda bubble. We are all in full stride, feeling great and are part of an incredible community. It just keeps on getting better.

An awesome day for our Chenny Athletes. We are so proud of them and not for any of Win’s they get but how gracious they are on the courts and fields and how they play with such deep integrity. Chenny Pride runs deep.

Freshmen/Junior Girls  Basketball- CAW 18 vs. Shoshanim 11 (game was continued today due to rain delay)

Inter Girls Basketball – CAW 29 vs. Shoshanim 6

Senior/ Super Tennis Tournament @ Indian Head- Jayden Bier won entire tourney for her age division / Daisy Chaskin & Arielle Ashkenase made semi Final/ hannah Seigel made it to finals / Jess Leichter & Cami Oresky won entire tourney (doubles)

Senior/Super Girls LAX – CAW 10 vs. Westmont 8

GC/CIT Girls LAX – Caw 10 vs. Tioga 8

Inter Boys Softball – CAW 10 @ B’Nai Brith 2

Collegiate Boys Soccer – CAW 8 @ Westmont 0

Super Boys Baseball – CAW 12 @ Lohikan 0

GC/CIT Boys Tennis – CAW 1 @ Tioga 4

We love highlighting those campers who are a force to be reckoned with and our Campers of The Week deserve all the accolades. Congratulations to this weeks very special campers:

Freshmen – Addison Rubovitz & Austin Levitz

Juniors – Sydney Geller & Drew Schimer

Middies – Jillian Oresky & Justin Miller

Inters – Chloe Lebovitz & Alex Goldstein

Collegiates – Mariel Gaines & Mitchell Limsky

Seniors – Kaley Morabito & Kobe Koren

Supers – Sara Kay & Sam Rochlin & Bennet Goldstein

GC’s – Dani Zucoff & Jeremy Schier

CIT’s – Gabby Vargas & Zach Temin

Next, it was onto our first KINDNESS CAMPER AWARDS. We launched this program and had no idea how the campers would respond. We challenged the campers to do 2 kind things for other people every single day they are here at Chenny this summer and then asked the kids to nominate people who they saw do acts of kindness or had inspired them in some way. When we opened the box to sift through the nominations, we were shocked with what we saw and what we read. There were over 200 nominations,  each more sincere than the next and all so very inspiring. The box was stuffed to the brim full of acts of kindness we are doing for one another up here. It took our breath away and renewed our spirit in the importance of kindness and how easily good will spreads. As hard as it was to choose amongst all the amazing nominations we read, we chose 15 kids that stood out as this weeks Kindest Campers. Though we only chose 15 to receive Kindness Tshirts, everyone won because when you are kind, it just feels so good. A huge congratulations goes to these tremendously KIND kids:

Jake Schuster, Corey Ash, Drew Schimer, Sammi Leon, Eli Kroskin, Jared Paulen, Ryan Kertzner, Bari Klein, Dylan Bass, Sam Tavel, Elana Kessler, Main Hersley, Jess Leichter, Cami Oresky & Makayla Stapler.

We could not be more proud of our campers and how much Kindness really matters here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny out.