Color War Day One… It Has Only Just Begun…

Our campers could hardly sleep as they were filled with excitement from last night’s amazing breakout. From the reveille bugle this morning, all the way through our oldest campers going to bed tonight, you could feel the color war spirit in the air. It is a feeling like no other, a feeling of competition, spirit, camaraderie, and just pure love of camp and all that it stands for.

Today started with Tugs of War. Seeing the campers march up the hill with faces painted, hair sprayed red or gold, and wacky clothing of all sorts, it is just so apparent that our kids are feelin’ that color war pride from head to toe. The competition was fierce as the rope pulling started. It’s actually quite an amazing site to see our entire camp on one field cheering on their friends, siblings, and counselors. It’s extraordinary to hear that whistle blow and to watch both teams pull as hard as they can, and in the blink of an eye it is over. One team prevails, and then like clockwork, the teams come together an erupt with high fives, cheers, and song, as if they weren’t competing against those very same people only seconds ago.

The action packed morning was followed by an afternoon full of games. The sun was shining, the music was playing, and our kids were just having the most amazing time on the fields with every swing of the bat, throw of the ball, and touchdown scored.

After an amazing afternoon, the evening started with Mass Games and ended with Contest Night. It was a picture perfect evening to have our campers playing Softball and BBG at twilight and participating in relay races as the evening went on. Weather it was the Freshmen, Juniors, Middies, or Inters enjoying the fun contests and relay races in Shields Hall, or the Collegiates, Seniors, Supers, GCs, and CITs on the outdoor court, the music was bumpin’, the spirit was intense, and fun was had by all.

It was just an AMAZING day. This is the best part of camp. Color War encompasses every important part of this incredible journey and this incredible place we call home.

It’s only day one of color war and we can’t wait for more!!!

Chenny Out.