Color Mudder & Trip Day for Chenny Kids

To say that this was one of the best days so far this summer couldn’t be more accurate. Our campers had an awesome day all around. Let me explain what your kids experienced today and it will all make sense why today was a summer standout for each and every one of them.

Freshman through Collegiate campers were at camp today and experienced our Chenny Color Mudder. All the campers lined up at the gates and the when the whistle rang, they were off. ¬†They ran up camp road and headed into the Zone where they were dodging counselors hiding behind the huge inflatables with water guns soaking the kids running by. This is where the laughter started. Then it was off to the tennis courts for an insane obstacle course. Our campers had a workout as they hopped over hula hoops, skipped through tires, scooted on flying monkeys and crawled through tubes. No time to rest as they ran the go-kart track, twice and headed down to the giant Chenny Zoom (slip and slide). Running on adrenal and excitement it was straight into the mud pit course and boy did they love the crawling in that mud. It was over mud tower and then belly crawling into the pit. There wasn’t a camper who didn’t love this. They got dirty and messy and loved every aspect of getting muddy. When was last time our kids where given license to play in the mud? It was in their hair and everywhere and our campers were ecstatic but that wasn’t the end. They each headed back down the hill where they were doused with color powder. It stuck to their faces and was bursts of rainbow happiness all over your children. They ran a race that was challenging, fun, exciting, wet, muddy, exhilarating and at the very end as they crossed that finish line, they jumped into the lake with a pride so deep, it will be a camp memory they will have and cherish forever. After showers and getting the mud off us, it was straight into our jammies and off to a night of movies for these kids. Freshman were relaxing to Shrek and the Juniors were loving watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 while the Middies, Inters and Collegiates threw it back old school with Who Framed Roger Rabbit. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Our Seniors, Supers and GC’s spent their incredible day at the State Park bathing in the sun, relaxing with friends, playing in the lake and having a picture perfect summer day. It was one of those days you don’t want to end and it didn’t have to because after their day it was off to the movie theater for a night watching summer blockbusters. What could be better than a full day spent with great friends, a beautiful lake, warm sun and then topping it off with a movie? The busses rolled in and all said it was the greatest day and they can’t believe they did so much in just one day. Our CITs had their day off ¬†shopping, eating and watching movies. As the big kids on camp, they make their own schedule and had a ball. Campers wait a long time to get off days as CIT’s and this group had a ball. They did everything they wanted to and spending days together is just awesome.

There isn’t a camper awake on camp right now. Lights are out and everyone is home safe, sound asleep. Each exhausted with a day spent well. What a great day!!!

Chenny out.