Chenny's Got Amazing Voices

Today at girls line up, I watched a group of Middy girls sitting in each others laps, all looking up at the blue sky telling each other what shapes they see form from the puffy white billowing clouds above them. One saw a unicorn and another was convinced it was a gummy bear holding a book. There were giggles and laughs as they each were describing what they saw. If you can imagine the sweetness of this scene in a time where our children rely on their devices, camp has given us all a period of time to sit back, look up and watch the clouds roll by. Experiencing this from the inside never gets old and we treasure watching your children look up. They have truly unplugged and re-engaged in life without electronics and spend their day connecting with one another. The skill of connecting with peers and the world around them is so essential and necessary and by sending them to summer camp you have given your children the most wonderful gift. We see it everyday as they work through problems, make compromises, tolerate their frustrations and make solid friendships that exist with texting.

Another great day for Chenny Sports:

Freshman/Junior Girls Basketball – CAW 8 vs. Shoshanim 6 (Rain stopped game at halftime and will be finished next week)

Inters Girls Softball – CAW 14 vs. Tioga 13

Collegiate Girls Tennis – CAW 0 @ Bryn Mawr 5

Senior Girls Soccer – CAW 0 @ B’Nai Brith 7

Super Girls Softball – CAW 3 vs. Nesher 1

GC/CIT Girls Softball – CAW 3 @ Nesher 1

GC/CIT Girls Tennis – CAW 5 vs. Tioga 0

Middy Boys Basketball – CAW 43  vs. Lohikan 20

Inter Boys Tennis – CAW 4 vs. Lohikan 1

Collegiate Boys Softball – CAW 6 vs. Nesher 5

Senior Boys Soccer – CAW 5 @ Poyntelle 1

GC/CIT Boys Soccer – CAW 3 vs. Cayuga 3 (lost 3-2 on penalty kicks)

When we say Chenny’s Got Talent, we aren’t kidding. Tonight was the Chenny Voice Team reveal and the talent was insane. Campers were in Shields Hall as they were mesmerized and watched the auditions. We are proud to announce the contestants for our ive Chenny Voice show next week. It’s the battle round and each team captain will have their acts battle one another in the live show and they will decide who goes onto to the next round. We congratulate everyone who auditioned and are so excited  to those campers who made it to the live show.

Team Rachel:1. Elaina Hamuy, Jordan Ruderman & Maya Grill 2.Hayden Minkoff  3. Abby Leeds 4. Maya Hoffman & Rachel Knee 5. Natalie Blee 6. Ashley Sukoff

Team Megan: 1. Kylie Gosky 2. Julia Knobloch 3. TeminTunes 4. Mia Sutton, Jordan Ash, Ally Heller 5. Matt Leviss 6. Summer Housenbold

Team Chris: 1. Charlie Feldman 2. Lanie Bishop 3. Sara Kay 4. Bunk K Boys 5. Sara Akerman 6. Jordan Leeds, Daisy Chaskin

Team Grossman 1. Dylan Bass 2. Josh Polansky 3. Arielle Ashkenase 4. Emma Goldenberg 5. Alex Brandoff 6. Maddy Grabow

Stay tuned and see our stars shine. It’s incredible that we get to do this again tomorrow. Life is Great here!!!!!

Chenny out.