Chenny's Flying High

It’s a big week here at camp with some really fun events coming up and you can feel it in the air. Girls Sing is front and center. You cant go two steps without seeing divisions practice and perfect their dance and song. By the looks of things, this years Girls Sing is looking to be one amazing show. From the out of this world cuteness of our Freshmen girls to the insane dancing ability of our CIT’s, we are all in for an incredible Wednesday night.  Then of course, murmurings of a Color War are beginning to arise. These next two weeks are definitely the best part of summer at CAW!!! It’s good to be a Chenny kid.

Playing sports at camp is just plain fun.. No pressure.. no stress.. Just plain fun…

Collegiate Girls Soccer – B’Nai Brith 3 vs. CAW 2 – Chenny takes 2nd Place in Wayne County Tournament

Inter Boys Baseball – Trails End 7 vs. CAW 3 – Chenny takes 2nd Place in Wayne County Tournament

Collegiate Boys Tennis – CAW 4 vs. Wayne 1 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

Every summer I sit in amazement as I watch our kids perform in the Chenny Circus. They defy gravity; they soar to new heights and blow our minds with what they have learned to do this summer. New campers stepped right up and delivered awe-inspiring performances that made us all sit and watch with mouths wide open. Our Chennny Circus show took it to a whole new level this summer with their Back To the Future theme. The costumes and sets were brilliant but their talent and abilities made tonight incredible. It’s amazing as we watch our kids fly through the air. Where in the world can you learn these very difficult stunts, perfect them in just 5 weeks and perform them like a pro? That happens here and to see the pride and accomplishment on all the faces of those campers who performed tonight is absolutely priceless. They shined tonight and they were stars tonight and they will never forget that summer night they soared at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!!!!

Life is sure great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny out