Chenny Idol – The Final 10 Announced!

It was a terrific day full of activities and games. The sun was shining and the campers were happy. The talk across campus was all about Chenny Idol. All were wondering who made it to the top 10. There was lots of chatter and the anticipation was intense.

The campers piled into the Rec Hall and watched the first Chenny Idol audition show. As our own Travis “Seacrest” announced the Top 10, the campers cheered on their own favorites. And without further ado, here is our TOP 10:

  • Julia Bromley
  • Carly Wills
  • Sami Wills
  • Elianna Sutton
  • Julie Mendelson
  • Christina Perez
  • Evan Nussbaum
  • Steven Adwar
  • Scott Levine
  • Zach Grossman

All finalists will perform live at the next Chenny Idol Show. Stay tuned!!!