Chenny Finds The VOICE

When is last time your kids loved to swing on swings or slide down a slide? Those two attractions that sit at center camp have been a part of Chen-A-Wanda landscape since 1940.  They are an attraction that may go un-noticed by you on visiting day as we have all the bells and whistles from our insane aqua park or our very own Wiffle Ball Stadium, or the near by state of the art School of Rock but these two long-standing old school fixtures provide your children with hours of joy. They are the first place our freshmen and junior boys run to after every single meal. There is not a day that passes that our swings are not in use. It doesn’t matter if a middy girl is getting a push from her counselors or the CIT boys are just swinging and talking together, these pieces of our history connect us to everyone that was here before us. They provide us simplicity and an ease of what kids do automatically.  Your kids so enjoy these 2 centerpieces of cent camp. With all the advances in technology and gadgets to entertain and engage us, sometimes it’s just swinging on a swing or sliding down a slide that brings crazy joy to our kids.

It’s another Championship for Chenny today.

Senior Girls Soccer – CAW 11 vs. Lohikan 0 – Chenny advances to Championship game

Super/GC Girls – Soccerama tournament at Camp Bryn Mawr – Chenny takes 2nd Place

Collegiate Boys Roller Hockey – Westmont 10 vs. CAW 5

Super Boys Baseball – CAW 15 vs. Westmont 3 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIOSHIP!!!!!!

Congratulations to our outstanding Campers of the Week:

Freshman              Jamie Delilo                    Troy Golden

Juniors                  Jordana Yacht                  Jake Fersko

Middies                Brooke Kanganis             Matthew Blutig

Inters                      Rachel Novick                Drew Brassloff

Collegiate               Jolie Dinow                     Asher Slotkin

Seniors                   Skylar Bloom                  Noah Simpson

Supers                    Maci Rubenstein            Jeremy Schier

GC’s                         Haley Kushner              Zach Fischberg

CIT’s                        Morgan Perlman          David Tell

Tonight was all about finding that one VOICE and that was no easy task to do with the pool of talent who sang their hearts out tonight. Our 14 vocalists sang with passion, intensity, and feeling and brought our campers to their feet. The talent we heard in Shields Hall tonight was brilliant and beautiful. Ally Heller, Justin Oresky, Jordan Leeds, Laine Bishop, Daisy Chaskin, Arielle Ashkenase, Amanda Behrens, Sami Miller, Dylan & Maddy Grabow, Ashley Sukoff, Max Rover & Matt Leviss and Daniel Gur are talented beyond imagination. They each took center stage and sang like pros. Each one shined as they sang with their entire camp family watching in amazement. The judges were not in control anymore as tonight the vote was with the campers. Each vote counted and in the end there was just one voice…. Tonight our Chenny Voice winner went to the incomparable Daniel Gur. Though only one was crowned, all 14 kids won tonight. They each dug down deep, took a deep breath, moved their nerves to the side and sang from their hearts. It was a great night here at Chenny, one that all 14 singing talented kids will never forget!!!!!


Chenny out