Chenny Banquet Night!!

We have some pretty amazing kids here at Chen-A-Wanda and as you now we love to honor our Campers of the week. We are a bit backed up in posting Week 6 Campers of the Week. So please forgive us for the delay, but the following are weeks 6 and 7 Campers of the Week. It is beyond awesome watching these kids be announced at line-up and seeing their genuine reaction along with their friends who are so supportive and proud of this high honor here at camp. They are outstanding individuals and


Week 6 Campers of the Week


Freshman – Molly Isen & Griffin Gurewicz

Juniors – Melanie Korn & Jake Root

Middies – Alexa Hallen & Derrick Wills

Inters – Dani Cohn & Evan Marcus

Collegiates – Shelby Myers & Garret Racenstein

Seniors – Carrie Mason & Ethan Greenfield

Supers – Alyssa Innamorato & Zach Temin

GC’s – Taylor Luck & Adam Heimowitz

CIT’s – Bryn Weiner & Josh Lomita


Week 7 Campers of the Week


Freshman – Lexi Tantleff & Max Gutman

Juniors –  Lily Satz

Middies – Taylor Heifler & Jonah Baum

Inters – Jenna Wolff & Jack Santoro

Collegiates – Emily Locker & Bennett Goldstein

Seniors – Sofie Wolf & Max Moritz

Supers – Emily Myers & Clint Snyder

GC’s – Dani Beck & Jakob Rubenstein

CIT’s – Madison Richman & Jonathan Swill


As the sun was setting over Fiddle Lake, we all got dressed up in our best outfits and headed to center camp where we took pictures together with our friends & counselors. It was such a beautiful evening and as we walked into The Lodge for an amazing dinner, we were all in awe of how beautifully decorated the room was. It was a Mad Hatter Allison Wonderland tea party and it was amazing. We dined on a 5-course meal and the kids loved it.


After dinner it was off to Shields Hall for our end of the year division Awards. Each Division highlighted the following campers in 3 areas; Honor Camper, Athlete of the Year and All Around Camper. They are truly standout campers and we couldn’t be more proud to highlight and honor them on this great night.

FRESHMEN Zoe Grabow Jillian Baskind Zoey Wood
JUNIORS Cami Delillo Elana Kessler Merri Grill
Brooke Kanganas
MIDDIES Morgan Camche Sydney Gurewicz Sydney Kesselman
Maddy Marcus
INTERS Sara Agsteriebe Skylar Kohn Alex Mallor
Jolie Dinow
COLLEGIATES Zoe Rouder Carly Weisfeiner Jordan Brunner
Abby Nussbaum
SENIORS Sydney Fox Carly Wills Melissa Borker
SUPERS Michelle Steinberg Kayla Legatt Hannah Siegel
GCs Sami Wills Emily Zucker Bari Adwar
FRESHMEN David Stulberger Alex Gatto Luke Gottlieb
JUNIORS Will Yallowitz Sammy Bier Sam Rouder
MIDDIES Drew Brasloff Sam Tell A.J Grisack
Aaron Marasia Charlie Newman Ben Breslow
INTERS Matt Glickman Adam Covey Jake Berlin
COLLEGIATES Josh Polansky Alex Cohen Aiden Brodsky
SENIORS Evan Gottlieb Tommy Quinn Jake Quadrino
SUPERS Daniel Gur Sam Metzger Jake Henning
GCs Max Nussbaum Adam Heimowitz Jason Rosell
CIT Ethan Gallant


After the Awards, it was party time and we danced all night long. Shields Hall was full of campers who let loose and danced until their feet hurt. It was over the top fun having our last true dance party with our summer family. It’s so hard to believe the summer is over but we definitely went out with a bang. We had the best night and as one camper was heading back to her bunk, she held her counselors hand and said, “This was the best night of camp. Why does it have end?” We have one more night here and know that tomorrow will bring tons of tears as we all dread that final night where we will have to say goodbye to our most favorite place on earth.


Chenny Out