Blue France Wins Olympics!!!!

The games continued today with Track and Field and everyone’s favorite, Bucket Brigade. The scores were so close going into today’s competitions. Everyone gave 100% and put their team first. It was a battle down to the very end. The spirit was insanely intense. Faces were painted and fierce with determination. Team pride took us all to the finish line. Captains lost their voices and lead by pure will.

We all gathered in the Rec Hall, as Olympic Sing would determine the winner. Each team presented its plaque and banner. The artists created amazing pieces that will forever stand in our camp and will always represent the diversity of each team.

Each team stood as three separate teams and sang their Cheer, March and Alma Mater. Our judges who had the difficult task to pick the best one judged each song. This was no easy feat as they all brought amazing lyrics that separated them from one another.

But in the end, there can only be one winner and tonight, Blue France brought home the victory. As the winner was announced, the cheers of success could have lifted the roof off the building. The feeling was so intense and exciting but this lasted for only a few brief moments. The agony of defeat was felt by Red and Gold tonight and within moments you saw our Blue team embracing their friends who had lost. This is where the magic happens. We pick each other up and as we all walked into the Rec Hall tonight as three separate teams, we left as one united Camp.

The games are over and the battle has been won but the experience we all received was immeasurable.

Life is great here at Chen-A-Wanda!!!!

Chenny out.