Back In The Groove

It was right back to the fun after one amazing visiting day. There is a sense of calmness or maybe the word I’m looking for is better defined as comfort but the feeling here we are all experiencing is just the feeling of being home. This is our home for the next 4 weeks and we have all beautifully settled in and created a true safe haven here. Even after all the families pulled out of camp yesterday,  getting back into our camp routine took only moments and now its back to business for us all. The sun was out and the heat was high so today we were all loving spending the time in the lake, pool, the Zone and any other area that we could get drenched with water. What another incredible day we had. It just keeps getting better and better.

Our athletes had a fun day of games today as one camper perfectly said it all after loosing her LAX game, “We may not have won today but we sure had a fun.” Nothing could be better than hearing a young athlete speak about having a great time just playing the sport she loves regardless of the outcome. No pressure, just playing because you love to play.

Super Girls LAX – CAW 6 vs. Starlight 9

Middy Boys Soccer  CAW 11 @ Tioga 3

Inter Boys Basketball – CAW 25 @ Tioga 8

Collegiate Boys Soccer – CAW 11 @ Tioga 5

Senior Boys Tennis – CAW 3 @ Tyler Hill 2

Super Boys Baseball – CAW 12 @ Island Lake 5

GC/CIT Baseball – CAW 2 vs. Wayne 1

Tonight was Round Robin and the entire camp was being utilized. There were movies in the Chen-A-Plex, dodgeball and Gaga tournaments, there was a road rally and cooking in the Cookhouse. It was an awesome night full of summer fun. Exactly what we wanted to do on a beautiful warm summer night. We hope you enjoyed your day because we all enjoyed ours!!!!!

Chenny Out