And The Chenny Globe Goes To……

We had a brunch morning and everyone loved the extra sleep after the last 5 days we all had. There was a chill in the air and a thick fog coming in off the lake. It was the perfect morning to stay cozy in our pajamas & hoodies and as we all entered The Lodge we filled our bellies with a delicious brunch. You can certainly feel the end is near. Lots of hugs and more tears so every meal, every moment we are trying to hold on to. Every song that was played in The Lodge struck a cord as we stood on our seats, wrapped our arms around one another and sang all in unison of how much we just don’t want to leave this place. To bear witness to this connection that we have with one another is moving beyond words can describe.

We spent the day having a lazy free play kind of day. There were movies in the Chen-A-Plex and some basketball games on Shields Court. There were some great GaGa games but mostly it was just truly enjoying spending time together today. You would see clusters of kids sitting on courts and playing jacks or cards, all laughing together and just connecting. It always amazes me to see a day spent of happy kids connecting face to face. Talking and laughing, playing and engaged to each other. We have spent the last six and half weeks without texting each other or connecting because we liked a Facebook post. We rainbow loomed together, we braided one another’s hair, we spent hours playing with our Spinablo together but most importantly we just connected.

Tonight was a big show and everyone was excited for The Chenny Globes. It is an annual awards show and the kids love it. There is a red carpet, Paparazzi and of course the Globes. Campers dress up for the show, as this is a real deal Hollywood-esque celebrity show. Tonight’s Globes goes to:

Nicest Eyes –  Sydney Bohm & Andrew Lahrheim

Best Smile – Jordana Leff & Jerry Kessler

Attached at the Hip – Kelsey Bloom & Brooke Marshall / Jason Levine & Chad Kagan

Best Hair – Alexa Becker & Eric Butler

Best Siblings – Kushners & Schnells

Most Likely to be Head Staff – Sophia Malkotsis & Jonah Baum

Camp Clown – Sarah Kaplansky & Matthew Kellner

Most Likely to be President – Mychael Schnell & Benji Herzog

Most Camp Spirit – Jenna Seitler & Matthew Gershman

Most Fashionable – Jayden Bier & Brady Weiss

Three more nights, three more amazing evening activity’s to experience. Thursday, it’s Late Night with Leahy, Friday is Banquet and Saturday is Memory Night.  Looking forward to a great last weekend at our summer home.

Chenny Out