It was a day full of games in between the rain. There was newcomb and softball there was hockey, BBG and water volley. There was basketball, volleyball, soccer and wiffleball. It was a day of play, spirit and pride. You have to see it for yourselves to fully grasp just how much fun your kids are having.  They are in a war that demands all of their effort and commitment. When they win, they celebrate together and when they loose they pick each other up and move on to the next game.

When you walk around camp and see the camaraderie and teamwork you realize that we all are experiencing something pretty tremendous. We are in a bubble of support and kindness.  How we all treat one another after a win or a loss is just as important as the battle itself.  Unfortunately, this just doesn’t exist outside our gates and though both Red & Gold are vying to be the victors of this Color War, it is done with great respect and support for one another.  It’s brilliant to see and magical to be part of.

As we all worked our bodies to the bone with a day of physical challenges, the night was meant to test our brains. It was Quiz Night and it was awesome. Each group had trivia tests that covered everything from pop culture to sports to history and everything in between. Then we all headed into Shields Hall to watch the counselors in a serious battle of the brains contest. After 40 challenging questions, the race was close but Red 80’s squeaked out the win tonight.

After 2 full days of Color War battles the current score is:

RED 80’s – 1,502 points

Gold 90’s – 1,487 points

Still early on in this race and way too soon to call but Red & Gold are neck and neck with a mere 15 point difference. You can see how badly each team wants it. We have three full days of Color War fun to be had. It truly doesn’t get better than this. By far the best week of camp yet!

Chenny out.