Who would have thought a deck of cards would be able to fully entertain a group of active 11 year olds? A simple deck os 52 cards that allowed 4 boys to sit around a tree and play for an hour. I was watching this group of kids who weren’t interested in going in the lake during general swim today and instead played cards. I thought, when was the last time at home any of these kids played card games with one another. They were sitting around the base of the apple tree at center camp, laughing, strategizing and talking to each other and playing cards. If you brought out a deck of cards at home when they have a play date over, they would most likely look at you with a look of disgust or as if that may be the most ridiculous suggestion they have every heard but why here? Why does a simple game of cards make so much sense? Sometimes less is more and this card game was just that. It was so much more than sitting side by side playing video games and not talking. It was so much more than mine craft and candy crush. It was an hour of 4 kids playing a game of cards and probably having more fun than they ever thought possible. So when your kids get home, pull out the cards and give it a try. They really do enjoy the simple things…There is just no denying that.

The fields and courts were full of hard working happy athletes today. So proud of our kids.

Collegiate Girls Basketball – CAW 46 @ Shoshanim 14

Middy Boys Tennis – CAW 0 @Wayne 5

Middy Boys Hockey – CAW 8 @ Starlight 3

Inter Boys LAX – CAW 11 @ Westmont 4

Collegiate Boys Tennis – CAW 1 @ Tioga 4

Senior/ Super Boys Volleyball Tournament @ Towanda – CAW Supers Boys Won 1st Place & Senior Boys Won 3rd Place

Our GC’s are still wandering In LA as they enjoyed a Sony Lot Studio Tour. They were on TV sets and spent the day enjoying the magic of Hollywood. Then it was back to the hotel to change and have dinner before they headed to Universal Studios for the night. It’s a trip that just keeps getting better and better. Our GC’s are loving every minute and taking it all in. Not a moment to waste as they experience an absolute trip of a lifetime.

Two Words… Nancy Tucker!!! Ask you children about Nancy Tucker and they will tell you that she is AMAZING!!! The fun we had in Shields hall tonight was absurd. If you can imagine an old school folk singer, singing songs like One Meatball, Jelly Fish, Habitat and Scallywag and our entire camp standing and singing along with her at the top of their lungs, you can envision a room full of happy campers. It was a total throwback to good old fashioned camp songs and we loved it. Everybody was up on their feet, moving to the beat and every song had hand movements that took about 2.2 seconds to catch on. We looked like a scene right out of the movie, Meatballs and it was AWESOME. This squeaky clean show was a crowd favorite and just when we see our kids as moving too fast, too mature, too old for their age, they go and totally enjoy a show that was clean, pure and right out of the 1970’s. Nancy has been singing these exact songs for decades and your kids loved it…So all you gotta say is One Meatball….No Spaghetti and your kids will smile and sing along!

Chenny Out.