Two Months

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” by anonymous. This is what happens here. For two month we learn about others. For two months we listen to each others stories. For two months we nominate our friends and share what kind acts they did that deserved recognition. For two months we laugh at the jokes our friends tell us and for two months we can learn a lot about someone else. For two months our focus is outside our ourselves and that is why these two months bring so many people into our lives. Thank goodness for these two months

Fr/JR Boys Basketball CAW 17 @ Wayne 24
Inter Boys Soccer CAW 3 @ Wayne 5
Senior Boys Baseball CAW 4 @ Starlight 6
Collegiate Girls Soccer CAW 9 @ Starlight 0

When campers are recognized as Campers of the Week and their name is announced at line up, to see their faces light up is watching the purest form of pride there is. To know that you are being recognized for being a great kid, camper and friend is huge deal at Chenny. These moments are priceless and they help create the magic of this place. It’s where your kids do really great things, are kind and are a joy to be around. What is better than knowing that the world around your baby recognizes their awesomeness. A huge congratulations to the weeks Campers of The Week. We are so proud of you

Boys Side

Freshman-Jordan Schwebel , Junior-Sid Havens, Middy-Cole Pruss, Inters-PJ Bussel, Collegiates-Alex Michales, Seniors-Jake Marin, Supers-Max Eber

Girls Side

Freshman-Emily Udler, Junior-Kelsey Locker, Middy- Blake Schissler, Inters-Bailey McAleavy, Collegiates-Remi Friedberg, Seniors-Dylan Schissler, Supers-Emma Bruno

BINGO was our evening activity. There is just nothing more exciting as you get closer to a BINGO. It’s an oldie but a goodie and the campers had the BEST TIME. Sometimes a good old game of simple Bingo makes for a great night!
Our oldest kids left LA for Las Vegas and of course they made a stop at In’N Out burger. It was off to watch the fountain at The Bellagio Hotel before heading out to MGM Grand to catch the amazing Jabawokeez Show. These kids are experiencing a trip of a lifetime and loving every minute of it. Just when you think it cant get better, it does!