Simon Says

There is something about kids jumping off a diving board that love when people watch them. I was at the pool watching a group of Middy campers in the pool and every single one them would say, “Watch me” as they dove, jumped, or cannon balled into the crisp cool pool. Each camper loved running down the board and jumping in. So many smiles, so many happy kids, so many great moments on that diving board. At the other end of the pool there were the campers chilling out on floaties. Giant pizza slices, donuts and pink flamingos were floating in the shallow with campers relaxing all over them. The vibe at the shallow end was just chillin’ compared the cannon ball city in the deep end, always with “watch me” as they leaped in. Its was just a perfect pool day for everyone regardless if you wanted to float and chill or run and jump. Both accomplished that same thing, everyone had fun and everyone cooled off on this hot day.

“Focus on the steps in front of you, and not the whole staircase.” Anonymous

Inter Girls Tennis CAW 2 vs Wayne 3
Collegiate Girls Tennis  CAW 2 vs Wayne 3
Super Girls Softball  CAW 14 vs Wayne 13
Freshman /Junior Boys Baseball Chenny 9 @ Westmont 11
When you have a room full of kids having the BEST time playing Simon Says, you know its a great night. If you could have seen and heard your kids loving playing Simon Says tonight, it would bring a smile to your face. There is something so sweet and innocent and childlike than watching our kids absolutely love playing this old school game. Nights like tonight prove that kids are still kids, no matter how fast this generation is growing up. A simple game of Simon Says can be engaging and fun and it’s a reminder that this experience allows our kids the opportunity to play and just be kids. When I think of what phones, social media, video games and other advanced information our kids are fed on a daily basis do to them compared to the innocence of playing a game as simple as Simon Says and watching them love it, gives me peace of mind on how important nights like this are for our kids. No bells and whistles, no latest and greatest technology, just a simple game of Simon Says made your kids really happy tonight. Hope this brings a smile to your face. It did mine.