It was time to give out our last and final award out tonight for our Campers of the Week for this, our last week. they shined and definitely deserved to be recognized. Thank you to these outstanding campers who prove to be amazing to the very last moment. We are a better camp because these campers are here. They keep spreading joy everywhere they go. We are so proud of them.

Girls Side:

Freshman – Charlotte Pomeranz

Juniors – Audrey Levenberg

Middies – Sophie Gootzeit & Miranda Siegel

Inters – Julia Feldman

Collegiates – Maddy Klatsky

Seniors – Maya Kushner

Supers – Alexa Dombe

GC’s – Cammi Cohen

CIT’s – Jolie Krieger

Boys Side:

Freshman – Jace Johnson

Juniors – Dylan Bahari

Middies – Devon Luhrs & Austin Acree

Inters – Luke Holod

Collegiates – Chase Schwartz

Seniors – Brandon Worth

Supers – Max Coffman

GC – Nolan Irizarry

CIT – Jonah Burke & Lincoln Williams